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And He Walked On Down The Hall

And He Walked On Down The Hall

“Mommy, I’m going to marry you. Just like ‘punzel.”
“You are?”
“. . .”
“Hey, buddy?”
“What, Mama?”
“What about Daddy, though?”
“. . .”


“So, Mini told me he was going to marry me today.”
“Is that right, Mini?”
“. . .”
“Yeah, he said, ‘Just like Rapunzel.'”
“Are you going to marry your mommy, Mini?”
” . . .”
“I asked him where Daddy fit into this hypothetical but he was noncommittal on that point.”
” . . .”
“He didn’t say anything about me?”
“Mostly, he went back to eating his toast.”
“I guess some things are better left unsaid.”
“Right — ‘Don’t make me spell it out for you, woman.'”
“. . .”

Comments (6)

  1. Jan 13, 2011

    Little ones are so cute with the reasoning and logic they use!! 🙂

  2. Jan 13, 2011

    My 5-year-old says she’s going to marry her little brother…”but not until he learns to use the potty, because I don’t want to change his diapers.” She also says she’s going to name her children Princess (girl) and Flint (boy).

  3. Jan 13, 2011

    This made me laugh.

  4. Jan 13, 2011

    My son is adamant that he and his sister will get married when he “grows up and has his own house.” She is equally as adamant that marrying him would be far too icky and besides, she already KNOWS boys can’t marry their sisters.

  5. Jan 14, 2011

    It was a sad day when Tink told me that you can’t marry your Mommy *and* Daddy, because that’s when you know they’re going to figure out all sorts of other things, too, and the world will become a place of disappointment and unfairness instead of a cozy little cocoon. I almost wanted to say, “Well, now that you know, let me clue you in on a few other things, so you don’t hear them from strangers or big kids at school …”

  6. monkey
    Jan 14, 2011

    Wow, I think I know where you took this picture. I used to live really close by.

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