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More Car Accessory Options — Some More Likely Than Others

More Car Accessory Options — Some More Likely Than Others

Last week, I featured a snot rag management system for the automobile, but neglected to offer options for trash management. This problem quickly revealed itself to me over the course of the week, and I went trolling on Etsy for solutions. I thought perhaps some of you might also be curious to see what I’d found in the way of trash and tissue management options from the Indie design community, so I’ve listed the possibilities below. Enjoy!

1. Auto trash bags by The Mod Mobile (available in various prints) — $19

These litter bags are designed to hang from the gear shift or the back of the seat rest of your car and are reinforced by a plastic tube to help them keep their shape. They also come with some plastic bags with which you are supposed to line them, but the Etsy seller recommends that you not use these things for much more than small paper trash.

2. “Auto Sneeze” tissue holders by The Mod Mobile (available in various prints; can be ordered to match the trash bags) — $9

So, I already have a tissue holder, but since there are tissue holders offered by the same Etsy seller as the trash bags, I pretty much had to include these. She will make them in the same print as your trash bag. Nice.

3. Possibilities for license plate frames — still undecided.

I put out a call on Twitter about license plate frames, but nobody really had many ideas for options. There were mixed results on the alumni association license plate frame option — though some people said they liked it, others said they thought it was douchey, or that it might be douchey, depending on where you went to school, so I decided that it was better safe than sorry on that one. I started perusing the internets for possibilities, but honestly there are not many in this arena. Here’s one for geeks, and though I am a geek it didn’t seem quite right:

Continuing on the geek theme, here’s a scrolling LED license plate frame . . .

I don’t think I have to tell you that this one isn’t working for me, either.

I’m at a loss. Thoughts?

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  1. Jan 10, 2011

    I hate license plate frames. They always block out the part of my license plates that says “America’s Dairyland.”

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