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Organizational Products For The New Year

Organizational Products For The New Year

Well, it’s a new year, which means it’s time to get organized. Below are some cool organizational products for those of you who have resolved to get things in gear. As for myself, I plan on continuing to wallow in my own filth until March (at least).

1. Wooden Home Accessories From Less & More (Because They Are Minimalist, Yet Cost Too Much, Unfortunately).

I really like the stuff from this Etsy seller, Less & More, that have been making the rounds through various blogosphere outlets in recent months.

The bitch of it is, they are charging a king’s ransom for something that takes the skill set of a sixth grade wood shop class to make. Now, don’t argue with me — I actually made something like this in my sixth grade Industrial Arts class, except it was a pencil holder made to look like a die (the pencils fit into the six-side).

These are definitely more design-y, and perhaps the wood is better quality, but come on. $130? Surely there is room for some market competition here.

2. Snot Rag Management System For The Car.

I recently got a new car but this happy occurrence unfortunately dovetailed with cold season at Mini’s preschool. It became clear pretty quickly that we needed to have a tissue management system in place for the car, but I hate how Kleenex boxes always get smashed in cars. So I found trucker solution on Amazon. Now when he screams, “I need a tissue!” I just have to reach up to the visor and we are in business.

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  1. Jan 3, 2011

    I need that tissue thing! That and some other bins for the car, I don’t mind that a metric ton of kids stuff has to be in there, I do mind it scattered all about like some post-apocalyptic landscape.

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