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Facebook v. Twitter

Facebook v. Twitter

Digital Surgeons’ infographic on Facebook v. Twitter shows some interesting things about the profiles of typical users, and how the services are used, including:

  • Facebook is much bigger, and people use it far more often, updating their status way more than most Twitter users do;
  • More people are likely to follow (or like) a brand on Facebook; however, when a user does follow a brand on Twitter, they are far more likely to actually engage with the brand and/or purchase from that brand;
  • Therefore, Twitter follows are much more valuable to brands than are Facebook “likes”.

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  1. Dec 31, 2010

    Interesting. Would be useful to apply this to information groups versus money making corporations. Perhaps Facebook is better to get a message out and for those who want updates on progress of events/issues (e.g. human rights – that’s my bent), whilst Twitter would target the income generating work better.

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