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3 Things I Would Buy For Myself If Money Were No Object

3 Things I Would Buy For Myself If Money Were No Object

Smythson Nancy Weekender Bag

Oh hell, why not? These are things I absolutely in eight million years am never going to actually get, but I love them anyway. Christmas is coming up, so you never know. Well, you do know, but you know, you never know. (But pretty much, you do.)

1. Smythson Nancy Weekender Bag

Smythson Nancy Weekender Bag

I had never seen this bag before the other day, when I was browsing through back posts of NotCot. I always think of Smythson as a paper company, but I guess they have beefed up their leather stuff in recent years, and this bag is delicious. That is the only appropriate word. Ordinarily, I would go for black but because this is a fantasy list, I’m going to say I would buy the impractical white. Because if you’re going to buy a $2,000+ bag you might as well go all out.

2. Pollock Executive Armchair by Knoll

The chair I use for my desk right now is definitely not up to the task, but most desk chairs are so ugly that I have resisted buying a proper one. This Pollock Executive Armchair seems like a decent compromise, if it weren’t so damn expensive. Good thing this is a fantasy list.

3. Have Somebody Rebuild This House Here For Me Because It Kind Of Looks Like A Mid Century Modern Version Of The Getty Museum And I Love How Clean It Is.

This is a house in Meco Beach in Portugal designed by Jorge Mealha that I saw on Design Milk. I do not want to live in Portugal. So, instead, I would like for the architect to recreate this house here, in Los Angeles.

It’s totally not child proofed, either.

The best part about window shopping for me is that it’s guilt free. What would you buy for yourself if money were no object?

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  1. Nov 8, 2010

    Oh, I could make lists and lists and lists of “if money were no object” objects. And services (massages, pedicures, body wraps, private yoga sessions)! I’ll just go to the automotive section of the list: I would like a fleet of Minis in several colors. Even with a fleet, it’s hard to choose because there are so many ways to customize. However, right now I’m thinking a convertible with a black roof and orange body; one with a black roof and chocolate brown body; and a black roof and cream-colored body one. I think a dusty rose one would be nice too, but I would have to special-special order it, since I’ve never seen that color before.

  2. Nov 8, 2010

    Travel. Not even to glamorous places…like, research trips. I’d spend weeks in dusty archives, making 25-cent photocopies with wild abandon.

    (and also a whole bunch of stuff from the Sundance catalog…but mostly the research trips).

    Try not to be struck dumb by my coolness.

  3. Snarkoleptic
    Nov 8, 2010

    I covet that handbag in plum.

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