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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Things We Can Safely Classify As Being “Not Radical”

Poop Jokes about poop Ringworm Jokes about ringworm Eczema misdiagnosed as ringworm Jokes about eczema misdiagnosed as ringworm The number 64 Driving a minivan Mass-produced Che Guevara T-shirts Giveaways of any kind, but especially for toilet paper No sponsored posts for almost a decade, and then three in less than two weeks. Wait, that is […]

Is Something Rotten In The State of Twitter Moms?

At a party at BlogWorld, I spoke to a guy who was trying to help his client (a clothing company) get a foothold in the social media arena. One of the ways he was considering doing this was through hiring TwitterMoms, a site that publicizes itself as “the influential moms network,” to promote his client’s […]

Lots Of Sponsored Posts In Small Niche Significantly Less Annoying When Linked To Ostensibly Good Cause, Sans Phone Giveaway, Experts Say

Last week, I ranted a bit about the number of blogs who were doing the same sponsored giveaway on the same day for the Windows 7 phone. This week, there was another blanket sponsored post campaign appearing in some blogs represented by both Federated Media and Clever Girls Collective (now associated with Federated Media for […]