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Chum Chum: Now Required To Register

Chum Chum: Now Required To Register

A middle of the night conversation last week:

Me: [sleepy] Hi, Chummy.
Chum Chum: [purring]
Mr. Right-Click: You’re going to want him to stay up there.
Me: What? I thought you said he was clean?
Mr. Right-Click: Well, “clean,” I mean. Yeah. He’s “clean.” Sure.
Me: Why wouldn’t I want him to sleep on my pillow then?
Chum Chum: [purring]
Mr. Right-Click: I mean, it’s like with repeat sex offenders, you know, he’s done his time, that’s fine, but don’t move into my neighborhood —
Me: Oh, man! Is there ANY surface in this house that I don’t have to clean because of you, Chum Chum?
Chum Chum: [purring]
Mr. Right-Click: — there are hotels downtown that are just fine for his kind.

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  1. Oct 22, 2010

    I love the dopey expression. That’s a large purry wonder you’ve got there. We’ve got a big one too but he’s an adult.

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