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Monthly Archives: October 2010

5 Recycled Crayon Designs You Haven’t Seen Before

Recycled crayons are nothing new, and they aren’t really tough to make, either, but if you’re too lazy, or not interested in the ring designs that are popular right now for your kid’s next birthday party, check out the designs available from Zebree on Etsy. They have a ton and will even make up custom […]

Behavior That Would Be Called “Shameful” By Normal People, But Is Inexplicably Applauded In Mommybloggers

Calling an airline to inform them that you will be late for your flight. Becoming infuriated that the airline’s response to you calling them to inform them that you will be late is to say, “Drive faster.” Publicizing the entire exchange on Twitter. Publicizing the fact that you got lost on the way to the […]