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Monthly Archives: September 2010

9 Ways To React To Products Being Recalled, If You’re An Asshole

“I wouldn’t know from drop-side cribs: all of my 8 children have coslept long past puberty.” “I’m super sorry that people are dying, but if they would just buy American, maybe we wouldn’t have this problem with cars speeding out of control while passengers are still inside of them. What? I’m just saying.” “Thank goodness […]

Of Note This Week — Commodity Fetishism Edition

Hey, party people: check out these links for fashion and beauty advice/products/news that I found this week around the interwebs, and don’t forget to check out the ABDPBT, ABDPBT Personal Finance, and ABDPBT Tech versions as well. Not Martha did some Is Martha-inspired giftwrapping this week. It’s really good (pictured above). And she shows you […]