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It’s Not A Gun: It’s A Stomp Rocket. Try Not To Judge.

It’s Not A Gun: It’s A Stomp Rocket. Try Not To Judge.

OK, so here’s what happened: Mini and Mr. Right-Click were at the park one day, and some kids were playing with a Stomp Rocket. And lo, they saw that the Stomp Rocket was good. Because this is a a magical toy that is able to act as not just a toy, but a pied piper of sorts — capable of unifying the Biggest of Big Boys with the Smallest of Small Boys, and the girliest of girly-girls with the tommiest of tomboys. Girls. Whatever. Everyone likes these things. Everyone. And once they can walk, pretty much, they can use them. Here’s why you should get one. I’m not sure whether I need this disclaimer or not, but no, this is not a sponsored post; however, if you click on those links, yes — they are affiliate links. (Also note: it is not necessary to wear a helmet while using the Stomp Rocket — Mini was riding his bike before we took these pictures, that’s why he’s got his helmet on.)

Stomp Rocket

1. It’s A Rocket Ship, Not A Gun.

So, we do have a policy that Mini is not allowed to play with guns. We know, of course, that this is a somewhat futile policy, and that he will be modifying things to make them into guns, and that the gun fascination will exist in spite of our embargo on guns. We know this. It’s already there. In fact, every day on the way to school I am reminded of this as we drive past a memorial cannon, and Mini says, “Hey, Mommy, look at that big GUM!” and I say, “Yeah, look at that big guN!” and Mini says, “But GUMS aren’t for little boys,” and I say, “No, not for little boys.” And so on. He has made a gun out of Legos, he has made a gun out of PVC pipe at school (that sounds way worse than it is — this is not a Columbine situation, don’t worry), he will make one in a box, he will make one with a fox. But we are not going to buy him one. Perhaps it’s just a ceremonial distinction, but we are still making it. So before you say this is a gun, let me tell you that this is meant to fly high up in the air like a rocket ship (it goes really, really high), rather than shoot through the air sideways like a gun). Again, perhaps a ceremonial distinction, but still an important one, at least to me — one is in the spirit of exploration, the other only in destruction.

2. That Said, Do Not Be Surprised If They Figure Out How To Modify It Into A Surface To Air Missile.

So you try to raise a peacenik (after a fashion), but you end up giving him a bazooka. So what? It’s a science toy! It is! It uses air pressure to launch a rocket into the air — am I to blame if my 3-year-old bought a kit at a Toddler Gun Show to modify it into a surface-to-air missile launching system? The first time Mini started carrying it around the house and launching it from his side like it was in a holster, I will admit it was disturbing. But it still requires the foot to get enough force to work — you cannot really use your hand to make it fly, so it’s still not as effective as a gun as a budding young sociopath might hope.

in flight

3. It’s Good For Pretty Young Kids, And Older Kids Like To Show The Younger Ones How To Do It

The best part about the Stomp Rocket is watching the older kids show younger kids how to do it. Even a semi-wobbly toddler can usually do a Stomp Rocket. The rocket won’t go super high up into the air, but just putting your foot down on the air bubble part will make it move, and the kids LOVE it. It gives them a huge sense of accomplishment. Particularly with toddlers, I always liked to find toys they could do without getting frustrated, and this one is a good one, both for outside and even for inside.

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  1. Sep 27, 2010

    Ha! My fist thought was “hey, a full-time helmet would be a great idea for my girls.” Anyway, I am also staunchly anti-gun, though Chris seems to feel a burning need to fill the house with NERF toys…all of which are guns. This may be the perfect middle ground.

  2. Sep 27, 2010

    I’m afraid if we got this, Jackson would never get to play with it, as I’m sure his dad would take it over.

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