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Good Night Light

Good Night Light

Mini went through a period about six months ago where he would wake up at the first sign of light and come into our bedroom and announce, “It’s morning!” We’d then tell him that, yes, 3:37 am was technically morning, but that we were still sleeping, and that he needed to go back into his room and try to get a few more hours of sleep. Fortunately, he was old enough to be taught what 6:00 am looked like on a clock, and we told him that he wasn’t allowed to come in before then. But, if we had had one of these Good Nite Lite things, this might have been a good alternative, particularly for a younger child; the idea is that it’s a moon-colored nightlight until a time predetermined by you in which it’s appropriate for them to get up, at which point it turns into a sun. Then they can get up and announce, “It’s morning!”

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