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The Very Belated #7Link Challenge Post Via ProBlogger

The Very Belated #7Link Challenge Post Via ProBlogger

I’ve been meaning to do this meme thing from Problogger for a while now and am only now finally getting around to it. The idea is this: organize a “sneeze page” listing seven posts from your archives (and topical posts by other people) highlighting some of your more interesting work as a kind of retrospective for your regular readers, and as an introduction for newer readers. You can read the description of the exercise on Problogger here. As some of you know, ABDPBT Personal Finance started out as a regular personal finance blog, meaning that my earliest posts discussed how I got out of debt and advice on money management and growing small businesses. As I continued to write, I became more interested in focusing on the topic of my own small business, which is turning a mommyblog into a profitable business. As such, this blog is now wholly consumed by that topic — this explains the kind of confusing name and the schizophrenic posting structure you might notice below. If you would like to participate in this meme, I believe the comments are still open over at Problogger; you can create your own version of the #7link post and then link up in the comments to have people visit your blog (though it’s an old post, so I’m not sure how many hits you will get from it).

1. My First Post

Now You Can Pay Off More Than $10,000 of Debt On Less Than $30K A Year, Too!

2. The Post I Enjoyed Writing The Most

The 5 Stages In The Life Of A Daddy Blogger

3. A Post That Had A Great Discussion

Considerations For The Online Border Personality

4. A Post On Someone Else’s Blog That I Wish I Had Written

Privacy Is The New Celebrity by Penelope Trunk

5. My Most Helpful Post

MommyBlog Traffic Building Strategies That Don’t Require Major Life Trauma

6. A Post With A Title That I’m Proud Of

Dear Apple: Names Are Important

7. A Post That I Wish More People Had Read

Establishing Rules For Trips, Barters, & Other Blogger Grey Areas

Comments (4)

  1. Aug 2, 2010

    Such a great post! Just read the Daddy blog post. Hilarious!

  2. Aug 2, 2010

    Just saying that I loved #7. It was a really good post about an aspect of the self-run business that so many forget.

    Oh Apple! That one was great!

    What a fabulous trip down memory lane…

  3. Aug 2, 2010

    I loved #7 too. This is a great “greatest hits”!

  4. Aug 5, 2010

    number 7 was my favorite post so far it was so insightful and I’m hoping you’ll help us draft letters to read out to sponsors so that I can get myself to all these blogging conferences I’m missing

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