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Monthly Archives: August 2010

8 Awkward Ways To Announce To The World That Your Friend Is Now Your Frenemy

Publicly petition Facebook to add a new “frenemy” classification to the “relationship status” category. When they ask why, tell them it’s because you need to add your former friend to it. Then retweet that. Write a post on your blog about how angry you are that Facebook insisted on notifying everyone that you had changed […]

Blogger and Brand Pairings: Baby Care Products With Established Niche Blogger

Monetizing The Mommyblog, Brands And Bloggers: An ABDPBT Personal Finance Series Welcome to the latest incarnation of the Monetizing the Mommyblog series on ABDPBT Personal Finance. This Bloggers and Brands Series focuses on content-column pairings — the compensation involved, how the deals are made, and the pros and cons of each deal between a blogger […]

Of Note This Week

I’m back! I’m back! I’m back FINALLY with the OF NOTE this weeks. We shall see how long it lasts, my friends. So let’s not question it: let’s just enjoy. Pictured above is the 2010 Social Networking Map. Please note that Facebook is likened, geographically speaking, to the Soviet Union before the fall of the […]