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State Of The Business Blogosphere

State Of The Business Blogosphere

summer business

The summer is a crappy time for the business of blogging.

Ad sales go down. Reader stats go down. The number of interesting posts go down. Even psycho crazy stunts by bloggers tend to go down . . . until during and after the BlogHer conference, of course, and then they go way, way up — exponentially up, in fact, peaking at about one or two weeks after the conference, with all of the recaps and ensuing drama that happens once everybody has made the rounds to everyone else’s blog and left steaming piles of poop in comment sections they will never visit again. At least that is how it has worked in previous years. This year might be different, because I haven’t seen as much hand-wringing about what to wear as usual (but I might have missed it, I’ve been a little distracted) or rending of garments about cliques and the like. It’s possible that this year is going to be a new vibe for BlogHer, but I would be quite surprised if we could pull off a meeting of 2,000 people, 95% of whom are women without some kind of hitch.

Anyway, thought I would explain the dearth of posts here by a couple of different things: 1) nothing much is happening around the blogosphere at present, as people get ready for BlogHer and spend time outdoors, and 2) I’m busily trying to complete my free ebook on selling private ads in time to launch it during the traffic surge that tends to happen in the weeks after the BlogHer conference, so I’ve had a little bit less time to devote to blog posts. Nevertheless, here are a few tidbits I’ve gathered for you to chew on as I continue to gather material for the coming weeks:

  • YouBeMom.Com Want to know what snarky non-blogging moms talk about? Including what bloggers they like, if any? Take a look at Youbemom.com. This is an offshoot of Urbanbaby.com, a forum I used to check out when I was pregnant with Mini, and when Urban Baby changed formats on them it annoyed them enough that some of their regular users coded a new forum for themselves. It showed up in a Google Alert for me the other day, and after our discussion on ABDPBT the other day about The Next Level and the difference between readers who are other bloggers and readers who are just blog readers, I found it really interesting to run a search on a few well known blog names over there just for kicks. As with everything, take it with a grain of salt — these are anonymous users, and you never know how many are other bloggers trolling, etc., but I still find it really interesting to get a range of perspectives for a blogging audience. You cannot please everyone when you blog, and you cannot even really try, but I do like to remind myself every once in a while that there is a huge group out there that doesn’t exist in this little tiny world that goes to conferences and lives on Twitter, etc.
  • The ABDPBT Glossary I’m continuing to add new terms to The Glossary all the time. If there’s something I’m missing, please remind me, because I will forget it. Guaranteed. Similarly, if you keep seeing Google Alerts coming up with your name on them, I’m sorry, it’s because it’s cross referenced — not because I’m stalking you, I promise.

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  1. Jul 13, 2010

    I was shockingly addicted to UrbanBaby for a year or so when my kid was a baby. And I’m in NYC so the whole NYC thing was all around me. Snarkity snark snark. But oh so entertaining.

  2. Jul 13, 2010

    I had to go over there and search on MckMama. I’ve been reading MckMama Without Pity lately and am fascinated by her whole deal.

  3. Lauren
    Jul 13, 2010

    So I must have been searching in the wrong place on ybm, because I didn’t find anything.

  4. Jul 13, 2010

    I can’t wait for BlogHer. My life has been filled with real-life, grown-up responsible stuff lately, and I am SO READY for some silly, stupid drama.

  5. Jul 13, 2010

    Well, you have to search under specific names or mommy bloggers or whatever. The forum is constantly refreshing. You won’t be able to find a discussion on everybody, but you can always find something on Dooce or whatever. The usual suspects.

  6. Jul 13, 2010

    Well, even if I weren’t convinced it’s impossible to have BlogHer without drama, the fact that it’s going to be held in NYC in August has got to be an insurance policy of that. My god, it’s going to be insanely hot.

  7. Lauren
    Jul 13, 2010

    I did, but no love the first time. Just searched again and up popped a few morsels. It’s amazing how many posts that place gets.

  8. Jul 13, 2010

    I read somewhere that reality shows do things like this to ensure there’s on-camera drama. They give them little sleep, little food, and lots of alcohol.

    This is just like that…but with heat. It’s the perfect storm.

  9. Jul 13, 2010

    I’m dying to go over to that site but I’m terrified to at the same time. Can I go and NOT HAVE TO SEE EVERYTHING? Because awesome.

    Also: BRING ON BLOGHER DRAMA. It was HILARIOUS last year AND the year before.

    Which means this year will be super dull.

  10. Jul 13, 2010

    Oh, it’s very mild, I think. It’s more like a readers’ perspective. Not like a slam on bloggers or anything, at least what I have seen. And they don’t always talk about everybody, but you can sometimes find some things about some people. I thought it was interesting just because it was a non-bloggers’ perspective on things — you get a lot of the “why do bloggers think what they are doing is so damn important” kind of stuff. LOL

  11. Jul 13, 2010

    I’ve got it! I know what we should do! We should start a CAT FIGHT! You and me, we could totally start a fake fight at BlogHer!

    This would be wickedly hilarious.

    Sorry, I have a short attention span and was already wondering about the drama of BlogHer. If there is none, we should manufacture FAKE drama. Win!

  12. Jul 14, 2010

    So as one of the 5% of BlogHer attendees with a penis, what’s my best strategy for increasing readership? Streaking?

  13. Jul 15, 2010

    That was my problem with Urban Baby — you’ve got to sit there and watch it, constantly. It’s so hard to read it after the fact. So you end up reading it, constantly. It’s addictive.

  14. Jul 15, 2010

    Everybody seems to be so into this MckMama woman, and I’ve completely missed the boat. What I’ve learned from YouBeMom is that you cannot be a full time moneymaking display ad mommy blogger unless you are mentioned on YouBeMom. Like, a lot. That’s my new rule. If you want to know if somebody is making a full time income from blogging (a mommyblogger, that is), you can check to see if they’re mentioned on YouBeMom. It’s not 100%, but it’s a decent gauge.

  15. Jul 15, 2010

    That sounds awesome. How about this — if either of us wins a blog luxe award, the other one has to go up and Kanye the other one while they are accepting it. Then the one who is accepting has to pretend like they are outraged.

  16. Jul 15, 2010

    Oh, and we have to tape this, of course, so we can put it on our blogs for the people at home.

  17. Jul 15, 2010

    More or less, all you have to do is show up, dude! You’re GOLDEN.

  18. Jenna
    Jul 16, 2010

    Is there a sign up some place to get your ebook when it launches? I can’t wait to read it.

  19. Jul 17, 2010

    It will be downloadable on the site. It’s going to be free, so as long as you’re reading it shouldn’t be any problem to get.

  20. Jul 17, 2010

    This is my first BlogHer, so I don’t know if the drama will be obvious or not. I wish someone — perhaps you, Anna, or Aunt Becky — would do a guide to the potential drama before BlogHer, so that I can make sure to see it live and thus enjoy the two weeks of blogging about it afterward that much more.

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