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Emerson Dollhouse By Brinca Dada

Emerson Dollhouse By Brinca Dada

I was never much for dolls as a kid, but maybe the problem was the architecture. Because if somebody had offered up one of these modern masterpieces by Brinca Dada, instead of the Victorian monstrosities that kept giving me nightmares, I have a feeling I would have been way more into the whole thing.

These are some pretty dollhouses. I mean, way prettier than any of the toys Mini currently has, at any rate. I’d almost be hesitant to let children play with them.

Plus, you can buy all kinds of modernist furniture to dress up the insides. Kind of an expensive toy, but then, if you’ve got the kind of money to buy the kind of house that this memorializes, you’ve got to have the matching miniature version.

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  1. Susan Tiner
    Jun 17, 2010

    Hi Alphabits Anna, I’m glad to see you’ve fixed your eyes and slayed the latest internet dragons :-). I’ve been a busy bee but reached a huge goal so will be checking in more often. Wow, gorgeous doll house and I love the modernist furniture. I actually know someone, an adult, who would want this.

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