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Monthly Archives: June 2010

3 Pieces From The Modern Rock Collection By Metalicious

Metalicious is an Etsy shop that sells sterling silver jewelry. This collection recreates precious traditional precious stone settings, only with sterling silver. I love the way these can be pretty and play on your expectations at the same time. They remind me of Natalia Brilli’s Nolex Bracelet that way. (Via Design Milk.). Ascher Cut, 14k […]

16 Reasons That June Of 2010 Will Someday Be Declared The Most Annoyingly Lame Month Ever

The World Cup continues its endless tournament, despite my steadfast refusal to watch it. Burger King has decided to sign off on a promotional campaign with the Eclipse chapter of the Twilight franchise for their kids meals — meaning that the “toy” given out to my 3-year-old was a plastic version of Edward’s black emo […]


Before I met Mr. Right-Click, my longest relationship lasted two years, assuming you counted from the beginning of when I met the guy to the last time I ever spoke to him. If you counted actual time spent in the relationship, it was probably more like six months. Normal people spend their youths flitting about […]