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26 Ideas For Blogging Niche Conferences That I Have Totally Copyrighted, So Don’t Even Think About Stealing Them. Seriously.

26 Ideas For Blogging Niche Conferences That I Have Totally Copyrighted, So Don’t Even Think About Stealing Them. Seriously.

  1. Bloggers Who Don’t Give A Crap About Coupons Or How They Are Delivered 2010
  2. Bloggers Who Want To Start A Facebook Protest Group But Aren’t Sure What To Protest 2010
  3. Bloggers Who Unfollow Me For Making Fun Of Facebook Protest Groups 2010
  4. Bloggers Who Like To Use Their MBA To Frame Things A Little Bit Differently 2010
  5. Bloggers With Personality Disorders 2010 — ALREADY SOLD OUT
  6. Bloggers Who YAWN At Me Indiscriminately On Twitter 2010
  7. Bloggers Who Are Just So Tired Of The Drama, Tired Of It They Say 2010
  8. Bloggers Who — Don’t Get Them Wrong — Still Like To Read About It 2010
  9. Bloggers With Agents 2010
  10. Bloggers Who Want Agents 2010
  11. Bloggers Who Want Agents So They Can Say They Have Agents 2010
  12. Bloggers Who Are Fools 2010
  13. Bloggers Who Are Shakespearean Fools 2010
  14. Bloggers Who Don’t Know The Difference 2010
  15. Bloggers Who Don’t Know The Situation 2010
  16. Bloggers Who Are Thankful They Don’t Know The Situation 2010
  17. Bloggers Who Better Homes & Gardens Sent To The Bathroom 2010
  18. Bloggers Who Are Waiting To Be Sent To The Bathroom by Better Homes & Gardens 2010
  19. Bloggers Who Wish — If Only! — Better Homes & Gardens Would Send Them To The Bathroom 2010
  20. Bloggers Who Are Looking To Monetize Their Trips To The Bathroom From Better Homes & Gardens 2010
  21. Bloggers Of Latin Descent Who Would Like To Be Referred To As “Blogueras” 2010
  22. Bloggers Who Object To The Term “Blogueras” 2010
  23. Bloggers Who Celebrate The Term “Blogueras” 2010
  24. Bloggers Who Have Started A Facebook Protest Group About Me Making Fun Of The Term “Blogueras” 2010
  25. Bloggers Who Are Totally Stressed Out By Their Giveaway Commitments 2010
  26. Bloggers Named After Table Condiments 2010

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Comments (7)

  1. Susan Tiner
    May 31, 2010

    Too funny. Speaking of facebook groups, here’s my favorite new group: Plugging the Gulf oil leak with the works of Ayn Rand

  2. May 31, 2010

    BAH! That is hilarious.

  3. Jun 1, 2010

    Number freakin’ four.

    That is all.

  4. Jun 1, 2010

    Wow. This post made me de-lurk! Hilarious–you’ve captured perfectly the tone of so much of what is out there. Loved #’s 4, 7, 8, 15 and 16! And I usually don’t know The Situation, either.

  5. Jun 2, 2010

    What’s the registration fees for numbers 7 and 16? I might be able to fit them into my schedule.

  6. Jun 2, 2010

    #16. When is it please?

  7. Jun 2, 2010

    Ba ha ha ha ha ha!! I don’t really have anything to add so I probably should have refrained from commenting but I got a good laugh, so thanks!

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