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4 T-Shirts That Go!

4 T-Shirts That Go!


Today I’m very excited to introduce you to a new ABDPBT sponsor, Shirts That Go, which is a small manufacturer of t-shirts which depict all manner of things that, uh, well, go! Now, if you have a little boy at home, I really don’t have to sell these shirts to you, I just have to point you in the direction of the website because the t-shirts will sell themselves to your kids. Nevertheless, below see some of the favorites from the Right-Click household below.

  1. Diesel Train.. Allow me to direct your attention to Mini in the first style he chose from Shirts That Go, the Diesel Train, as pictured above. Before you ask, NO, I am not being paid by the makers of Iron Man 2 for the use of that helmet in this post, this is one of the few places into which their marketing arm has yet to extend, but Mini is absolutely CRAZY about Ironman at present, and there was no getting the damn helmet off him to take a picture of the shirt. So we work with what we have.
  2. Steam Train.

    Mini also liked the steam train shirt, and as it happened, we were hanging out at Travel Town the day he wore that shirt, which was ripe for photo opps. Above he can be seen demanding to be taken to the gift shop, for example.
  3. Jet Airplane.

    This jet airplane is my favorite, but both Mini and Mr. Right-Click said no to that one. Apparently that is not BOY enough. “You don’t like that one, Mini?” I said, and Mini said, “No, Mama, boys don’t.” Because Mini is all about telling me what boys do and do not like lately, and what boys do and do not do. For example: boys play baseball and sit in chairs. I told him girls play baseball and sit in chairs as well, and shh!ed off Mr. Right-Click with the, “Well, actually, girls play softball,” hairsplitting.
  4. Fire Truck.

    But anyway, apparently, boys don’t like the jet airplane shirt, according to Mini. But they do like the diesel and steam train shirt, and like 80 other of the shirts at Shirts That Go, including the Fire Truck, which I have on good authority is a classic boy choice.

Comments (2)

  1. May 26, 2010

    I ordered one on Monday (the steam engine one) and it came today. OMG. Fabulous. Plus, the box it came it…too cute.

  2. anna
    May 26, 2010

    Oh, cool! Yeah, I love the boxes, very nice touch. Mini loves his shirts. He’s constantly wearing them. They are great.

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