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Monthly Archives: May 2010

26 Ideas For Blogging Niche Conferences That I Have Totally Copyrighted, So Don’t Even Think About Stealing Them. Seriously.

Bloggers Who Don’t Give A Crap About Coupons Or How They Are Delivered 2010 Bloggers Who Want To Start A Facebook Protest Group But Aren’t Sure What To Protest 2010 Bloggers Who Unfollow Me For Making Fun Of Facebook Protest Groups 2010 Bloggers Who Like To Use Their MBA To Frame Things A Little Bit […]

My 3 Top Picks From New ABDPBT Sponsor, The Vintage Pearl

Today I’m excited to introduce a new ABDPBT sponsor, The Vintage Pearl, an online purveyor of fine, beautiful, and surprisingly affordable hand-stamped keepsake jewelry and other silver and stainless steel goods. Their styles are particularly appealing to moms, since you can customize with the names of your children, and add different charms as you add […]

How Misinformation And Refusal To Talk About Money Is Keeping MommyBloggers Poor

Hey guess what? I’m angry again (Surprise, surprise.) Somebody sent me this article from Ad Age this morning by Lenore Skenazy of Free Range Kids, a blog that gets between 150,000-300,000 pageviews per month and which has received various mommyblogging accolades blah blah blah. The article talks about sponsors and bemoans the fact that it’s […]

Toddler Cutlery By Fabrikators & Josefine Bentzen

This set of toddler cutlery is pretty expensive, but then it’s also free from BpA, Phthalates or PVC, and still dishwasher and microwave safe, and made from food-approved ABS and TPE plastic. It also was made taking into account how toddlers hold things, but I’ll just let this highly suggestive quote stand on its own: […]