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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Star Egg Nightlight By J. Schatz

These egg nightlights by J. Schatz make star patterns on the ceiling of the nursery, which will be a big hit with your three-month old, and might make a nice gift for new parents. Of course, once the kid gets big enough to grab things, you’re going to want to keep this far away from […]

12 Headlines For Stories Nobody Wants To Read

Parties For NAMBLA National Conference in Omaha Filling Up — RSVP Now Or Lose Out! Twitter Is Down. Right Now. Don’t Go Check, Either, Because It Will Totally Still Be Down. Is There Something In Your Refrigerator Right Now That Is Slowly Poisoning Your Family? Are State Lotteries Running Illegal Blog Giveaways? Consumers Maintain “Meh” […]

What I’ve Learned From The Great ABDPBT Product Placement Experiment Thusfar

Well, folks, the first experiment with product placement on ABDPBT is now up for your perusal on a carefully redesigned page (so as to not befoul my wonderfully lucrative BlogHer branded ads by promoting a far more generous another business alongside them). Please do read the write-up when you get a chance, and consider patronizing […]

How To Make Spill-Proof Bubble Party Favors

Those of you who have older kids might already know about these, because I think they’ve been around a while, but anyone with a two-year-old or a soon-to-be-two-year-old should take note of the wonder that is the Spill Proof Bubble Tumbler. At some point — and if they are not already — your child will […]