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The Best Way To Combine Multiple RSS Feeds Into One

The Best Way To Combine Multiple RSS Feeds Into One

For a while now, I’ve had an ABDPBT Full Feed option for readers who want to get all of the ABDPBT blog feeds in one neat package in their RSS readers. I think it’s a good option to have the feeds available both individually and separately, so people can decide what they want to read. The problem is, all of the previous methods I had found for combining multiple feeds into one were either technically beyond me, or they didn’t work. For a while, my Full Feed has been just publishing titles or descriptions, which has annoyed me to no end. But I just happened upon a way of fixing this problem that is so easy and foolproof that I’m kind of smacking myself on the head for not figuring it out sooner.

That solution — and it pains me to tell you this on the same day as I featue a post on how Google is fucking scary, too, but that’s life, I guess — is to use Google Reader’s folders and public sharing options to combine your feeds into one. Here’s how you do it:

  1. First, subscribe to all of your feeds in Google Reader;
  2. Create a folder to hold all of them and name it something like MySiteFullFeed;
  3. Go to the Feed Settings for each feed and put them all in the new folder you’ve created;
  4. After all of the feeds are in the new folder, visit the Reader Settings and change the settings for the
    new folder to “public”;
  5. Click on the “visit public page” link to get the new feed address;
  6. Copy that link to burn a new feed in feedburner; and
  7. Test it out in your reader by subscribing to the feedburner feed you just burned.

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