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How To Create A Letterpress Effect In Photoshop (Contrasting Background Color Method)

How To Create A Letterpress Effect In Photoshop (Contrasting Background Color Method)

On Wednesday, I showed you how to create a letterpress text effect in Photoshop. The method I used is simple and easy, but it only works for text that is the same color as your background. What about those times when you want to create an effect of say, colored letterpressed text on a white background? Like, say, if you wanted to make a copy of my business card in Photoshop? Well, first, you’re going to want to type out the text you want to use in photoshop in the color of your choice. In this case, I’m going to use #e05555 on a white background, because it’s a lighter version of the color of the text for my business cards. Please note that this effect works best with lighter font colors and thicker fonts — I’m using Blair MdlTC, size 60pt, with the style of the font set to “smooth.”

letterpress with contrasting background

Next, double click on the text layer in the layers palette to open the Layer Style dialog box.

how to edit layer style

Now we’re going to add an Inner Shadow by first checking the box on the menu, and then clicking the link that says Inner Shadow.

inner shadow

Change the values in the box as follows: Blend Mode: Multiply; Opacity: 40%, the color in box should be pure black (#000000); angle: 120; box next to “use global light” should be checked; Distance: 5px; Choke: 0%, Size: 5px (also shown in graphic below):

letterpress tutorial

Clicking OK will will get you the following effect:

letterpress with only inner shadow

Here is the before and after for comparison.

before and after

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