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The Green Dollhouse: For Brainwashing Your Kids Early On

The Green Dollhouse: For Brainwashing Your Kids Early On

Green Dollhouse

If you really want your kids to rebel against you and start mainling Big Macs and throwing away plastic cutlery willy-nilly before they’re four years old, go ahead and buy them this Green Dollhouse for their second birthday. It features a wind turbine and a solar cell panel “with electrical inverter for generating electricity,” a rain barrel for collecting rain (imagine that!), a green facade which “helps control the appropriate temperature of the house,” and a shade canopy that “can be pulled down preventing or allowing the wind and sunlight coming through.” Oh yeah, and recycling bins. Of course, it doesn’t really generate electricity, and it never rains in makebelieveland, but if you get your kid this toy, then you’ll have the unique pleasure of having them demand to know why your own, real house doesn’t have a rain bucket or solar panels. Which is AWESOME.

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  1. Jan 7, 2010

    I actually think that’s sort of cool. And I DO have a rain barrel (which is great because I get free water AND the opportunity to wave smugly at my neighbors as they use their hoses…after which I’m pretty sure they go inside and blog about assholes like me).

    But is this dollhouse made out of dead people? Because then I’m totally with you.

  2. anna
    Jan 7, 2010

    Well, the company, Plan Toys, makes really cool toys. So yeah, it is pretty cool. But I find it hard to believe that so many kids are growing up in houses with all of these features in them. Then again, I suppose Barbie’s Dream House isn’t exactly realistic, either.

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