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Christmas Trees And Toddlers

Christmas Trees And Toddlers

We went Christmas tree shopping last week, and Mini wore his new rain gear for the occasion. Few things: 1) yes, it does rain here sometimes; but 2) no, this does not happen very often, which is probably why 3) I was so astonished by the prospect of having to buy rain boots for Mini after his first post-rain day at school a few weeks back. It honestly never occurred to me that he would need rain boots: I mean, I don’t ever need to wear rain boots, why should he need to?

Admittedly, this was a foolhardy assumption on my part. Still, is he not the cutest child in the history of the world? I mean, even with mud smeared everywhere?

Anyway, when we were Christmas tree shopping, I asked Mini which tree he wanted, and he chose this one.

Which seems odd because he’s never seen A Charlie Brown Christmas. Not to mention the fact that I believe that’s technically a bush, not a tree. In any case, we went a different direction with the tree. He seemed OK with it.

If you are wondering why it seems like only the top third of the tree is fully decorated, then I know you do not have any toddlers in your household. Sigh. It’s killing me, people, to have the tree half-decorated. This is the sacrifice I make. I have to cluster up my eight favorite ornaments, too, because they cannot be in said toddler’s reach.

On the other hand, this Christmas thing is a whole other ballgame with a little kid who hasn’t really understood it before. It almost seems a little magical, actually. Even when you find suspicious holes in the wrapping paper of said little kid’s presents.

I have to admit that I’m a little proud of him, though: I think I was like six or something before I started trying to rip open packages and find out what I was getting before Christmas. Mini’s an over-achiever, just like his Mamma! Sniff.

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  1. Dec 18, 2009

    WHERE did you get that raincoat? It’s adorable.

    My 2-year-old has broken 11 ornaments so far. I wish I would have just made construction-paper ornaments with the older kid. I didn’t even try to put the presents under the tree; they’re in a closet. The two of them would have those opened the first time I turned my back.

    I have the lights on a timer, so they come on “magically” at around 4pm. Both kids think it’s “Christmas magic.” Pretty cool, that.

  2. Dec 18, 2009

    Love me some shatter proof ornaments! Hot tip: got to your craft store after the big day and score them for about a quarter per 12 pack, sweet deal. Our tree should be dressed, but apparently the toddler likes it naked, so we have maybe 15 ornaments at the top where she can’t reach. The rest? Artfully in a basket by the tree so she can play bowling with them. My inner Martha had died a thousand deaths…

  3. Dec 18, 2009

    I switched to plastic ornaments for the lower half of the tree until the boys were out of the toddler age. Worked great. They can play around with them all they want without the breakage and parental angst.

  4. Dec 18, 2009

    The raincoat is by Hatley. Why, look, it’s an affiliate link:

    Shop Hatleystore.com and get free shipping on any order over $50! (Expires 2.1.10)

    BTW, they make very cute pajamas with feet for little ones, too.

    I kind of feel like a scumbag, but this was unintentional, I just happen to be an affiliate of Hatley. Oh well, all is fair in monetization and war, I guess.

  5. Dec 18, 2009

    See this is the kind of stuff that makes me love blogging. A bowling game with unbreakable ornaments is genius for toddlers!

  6. Dec 18, 2009

    @Michele, I’ve got to check out the plastic ornaments. I stupidly bought all glass when Mini was a baby, because there was no way he could get them off the tree, but this was obviously short-sighted.

  7. AKD
    Dec 18, 2009

    The last two years I’ve had a curious kitten (well, now a 2-year-old cat) in the house, I am totally prepared to have a baby/toddler. My tree has traditional Swedish Xmas ornaments, and I put all the sturdy wooden ones on the bottom. Also some made out of yarn that are unbreakable. In previous years the kitten has mostly been interested in drinking water out of the tree stand, which I’ve solved this year by getting a new tree skirt that snaps tight around the trunk. He’s moved on to stealing nuts out of the wreath centerpiece on the breakfast table and batting them around the house.
    Do I have to worry about a baby pulling the tree over? Our stand is old and not very sturdy, so I think we’ll need a new one next year (though our baby will only be 6 months or so by that point). Maybe I’ll look for one at the after-Xmas sales.

  8. Dec 18, 2009

    @AKD What?! Congrats!!! How exciting! You’ll have to keep me updated as the pregnancy progresses — are you going to find out if it’s a boy or a girl? And names?

    You won’t probably need to worry about six month old pulling over the tree, but you’ll want to keep an eye on small ornaments with things that can be broken off. Mini was 8 months on his first Christmas and it was mostly a non-issue for dealing with the tree at that point.

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