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Very Hungry Bottle by Mimijumi

Very Hungry Bottle by Mimijumi

The Very Hungry Bottle by Mimijimi is the bottle you see in the fancy baby boutique, but you don’t buy because you plan on breastfeeding exclusively, and the La Leche Nazis have convinced you that even to own a bottle is one step down a slippery slope towards childhood obesity. So then you try to breastfeed and it doesn’t work out, and then you end up at Target in the middle of the night, buying Avent bottles because that’s what they have, and then you’re thinking, “I wish I had just bought that damn Mimijumi thing in the first place!” And you think about going back to the fancy baby boutique, under cover of night, to buy it, but you’re tired, So! tired. So, instead, you pick up your Avent pieces and go home, kicking the dirt the whole way. The End.

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