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18 Things That Happened While You Were In “Exile”

18 Things That Happened While You Were In “Exile”

Photo by Lynnelle at deviantART

Photo by Lynnelle at deviantART

  1. Most of us agree on what rape is.
  2. From now on, when people say “most of us,” this usually excludes Whoopi Goldberg.
  3. We’re got ourselves involved in an unpopular war in a country far away under dishonest premises. Yeah, a different unpopular war, though.
  4. A lot of times now, when you’re in the middle of negotiating a plea bargain for a rape charge, the Court will confiscate your passport.
  5. John Travolta got famous by disco dancing, and then lost his A-list status by making bad movies for about a decade afterwards. Twice.
  6. A long period with a dishonest Republican in executive office was finally ended, leaving us with a huge national deficit and an unpopular war in a country far away that was started under disingenuous pretenses.
  7. Right. Not that dishonest Republican or that unpopular war. New ones.
  8. Adrien Brody won an Oscar, and then was never heard from ever again.
  9. Some people have started admitting that Rosemary’s Baby is pretty schlocky. No, not everyone. But some.
  10. Mia Farrow grew out her hair.
  11. Woody Allen married his daughter — but you probably already knew that!
  12. Americans make fun of the French and the French fart in America’s general direction. No, wait, my bad — that’s not new.
  13. Hollywood is an exemplary meritocracy populated by free-thinking and creative giants.
  14. Sylvester Stallone made and starred in the Rocky movies and Rambo. Twice.
  15. [Yeah, I know, that last one was a joke — things haven’t changed that much.]
  16. OJ Simpson avoided prison after killing his ex-wife and another guy, but he was given a life sentence for stealing some old copies of Sports Illustrated.
  17. Robert Evans lives in that house with all the roses, where he lived with Ali McGraw before she left him for Steve McQueen. And he wears big black horned rimmed glasses.
  18. Jack Nicholson still has Lakers season tickets, butthey built a new sports arena for him.

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Comments (3)

  1. Oct 5, 2009

    And I thought for sure you would have a top ten list for Letterman. But this one is so much better.
    I never really considered Whoopi to represent “most” of anything.
    16 is just plain sad.

    My list is up.

  2. Adrian Brody has been here in Des Moines shooting a movie. However, I’m not really sure that fact changes the sentiment behind #8.

  3. Oct 5, 2009

    I’m going to have to Google Adrian Brody later. I was sort of thinking he was the guy in “Desperately Seeking Susan,” but I’m guessing that guy didn’t win an Oscar. I hope not.

    My list is up.

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