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Mr. Right-Click Goes To Preschool

Mr. Right-Click Goes To Preschool

Photo by FrameFrozen at deviantART

Photo by FrameFrozen at deviantART

Mini doesn’t start school until Monday, but they suggested that we visit the class several times before then, just to ease his transition. So Mr. Right-Click took Mini over there yesterday morning for a couple of hours. Now there’s something you should know about Mr. Right-Click: he is like the pied piper to toddlers. Maybe he’s the pied piper to kids of all ages, I’m not really sure, I’ve mostly only seen him around toddlers. But at any rate, they flock to him, so I knew the preschool experience would be particularly special for Mini if Mr. Right-Click was his escort.

When they came back, Mr. Right-Click told me how it went.

Mr. Right-Click: Well, I broke a couple of rules today.
Me: Yeah?
Mr. Right-Click: Yeah.
Me: At preschool?
Mr. Right-Click: Yeah.
Me: But . . . well, like what?
Mr. Right-Click: Like, when the woman came over and said, “Can I invite you to sit on the couch? So that the children don’t imitate you and sit on the table as well?”
Me: [Laughing]
Mr. Right-Click: They weren’t rude, they were nice about it.
Me: I guess that’s good.
Mr. Right-Click: And then, I was reading Mini that story, and I look up, and six kids had gathered . . . they’re standing on the couch, lurking behind me, one is nesting on top of my head, it’s like I was in the park with a giant loaf of French bread . . .
Me: Yeah.
Mr. Right-Click: So, Mini’s teacher comes over and says, “OK, everybody sit on their bottoms now, no standing on the couch.”
Me: Good. That’s good.
Mr. Right-Click: And this book was like 3 feet tall, it was giant. And they’re all looking at the strawberries in the book, pretending to eat the strawberries, saying “Numnumnumnum,” and these little girls — phew, these little girls are going to show Mini —
Me: What do you mean?
Mr. Right-Click: Well, they’re like, “‘Oh, look the strawberry is getting cut in half,’ and I’m like, wait, you’re only two and a half?
Me: Yeah, little girls are usually faster with the language —
Mr. Right-Click: They’re like half his size!
Me: Well, Mini’s bigger than all of the kids.
Mr. Right-Click: So then, the other funny thing that happened, was that I asked them if they needed anything for the class, you know, like Cheerios or whatever . . .
Me: Yeah?
Mr. Right-Click: And she said, “Oh we usually put up a list for all of the parents, so all of hte parents can see what we need.”
Me: OK.
Mr. Right-Click: So.
Me: What? So what?
Mr. Right-Click: Well, I was trying to be subtle, like asking how I could grease her palms, you know? And she’s like, “All the parents can see the list.”
Me: Oh.
Mr. Right-Click: Oh well.
Me: I think he’s going to be OK.

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  1. Oct 2, 2009


    I’m excited for Mini. He’s going to love it.

  2. I get the feeling if you can’t find Mr. Right-Click during the day, you need just check in at preschool. They’ll be erecting statues of him on the playground before the year’s out!

    Hope Mini has a smooth transition and enjoys preschool.

    (one more thing – love the banner!)

  3. Denise
    Oct 2, 2009

    So cute! Can’t wait to hear about all of Mini’s adventures at school.

  4. Oct 2, 2009

    LOL like is Mr Right Click trying to slip her a $20 to get Mini a good desk? Hee!

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