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5 Reasons Why You Should Never Use Internet Explorer, Never EVER AGAIN

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Use Internet Explorer, Never EVER AGAIN

Photo by Mr. Right-Click. Photo-enhancement by me.

Photo by Mr. Right-Click. Photo-enhancement by me.

The other day I got an email from a friend of mine who said she had been having difficulty with navigating my site. Now, as you can see, I’ve been doing quite a bit of redesign around here lately, so this wasn’t exactly shocking news, but still, I was a little concerned because everything looked OK in my browser. I asked her what browser she was using and she said Internet Explorer, and this caused me to do a few things: 1) ask, “People still use Internet Explorer?” to nobody in particular; 2) Curse myself for not reading any of the multitudes of articles I’ve passed over in recent months about compliance with Internet Explorer; and 3) Shake my fist at the fact that Internet Explorer still exists even though it is an astoundingly crappy browser that refuses to comply with the web standards with which *every other browser on the planet* agrees to comply. And then, I got another email from an IE user who was having problems with the design interfering with the crossword puzzle, and after reisting the urge to reach through the screen and shake the person for using Internet Explorer, I decided that maybe I should address this issue here.

I’ve been living in my insular Firefox world for years now, and I often forget that not everybody has converted over to the beautiful browser that is Firefox, so I have to remember this when I’m doing redesigns. My ultimate goal is for everybody to be able to use this site perfectly, so I’ve been working on Internet Explorer compliance all week, and will have all of these problems under control soon. But I still don’t think people should use Internet Explorer. Here’s why:

  1. Less viruses. Most people who make viruses go after the most popular programs made by the largest corporations to attack. Internet Explorer has been the most popular browser for most of the last decade, mostly because it comes pre-installed with PCs and most people are too lazy to seek out another browser. Even now about 40% of web users still us Internet Explorer 6, 7, or 8, even if for the life of me I do not understand this, which means that the odds of a virus being created that attacks IE is still likely. Even as Firefox gains popularity (according to w3schools, Firefox is currently used by a little over 47% of web users), you have less risk because you are using a browser that is constantly being updated to allow for potential attacks, and it is a browser made by an independent entity that is not as objectionable to the kinds of people who create viruses as is, say, Microsoft.
  2. Stuff doesn’t look the way it should look. There are several different ways to set sizes and style options when you are designing a website. In order to ensure continuity among web design, the W3C sets up web standards with which every browser complies EXCEPT FOR INTERNET EXPLORER. So what happens is, the designers all make their sites using Firefox or Chrome or Opera or something, and then afterwards they have to go back and see how the site looks in Internet Explorer. This often involves jury-rigging their computer to even allow them to be able to view the site in Internet Explorer, because they don’t have it installed because it’s a crappy browser. So then, once they’ve done that, they have to back and fix things that don’t work on Internet Explorer, and by this time, they’re really crabby. And then they get all pissy about it, because why does Microsoft act this way? And then they write blog posts lampooning people who still use Internet Explorer, so now you’re the butt of jokes by computer geeks worldwide. Do you want the web designers and Apple fanboys to hate you? Because they do. They do. If you’re still using Internet Explorer, they most certainly do hate you.
  3. Firefox is faster. The latest version of Firefox includes an even faster JavaScript engine, which is twice as fast as the last version of Firefox, and worlds faster than Internet Explorer. Everything loads faster on Firefox, whether you’re reading email, uploading photos, or doing the crossword puzzle.
  4. Way Cool Options in Firefox. The Firefox browser is considered to be several years ahead of Internet Explorer in the advances of its technology. So, in technology years, that’s like decades. People originally started using Firefox because it allows you to block pop-up ads as a standard setting, but did you know that you can also block ads, inspect CSS codes, create rounded corners easily when you’re designing a site, browse the web privately, integrate Twitter into your browser, and tons of other stuff? None of this stuff is available to IE users, and the community that supports Firefox is constantly coming up with new options to improve your web browsing life.
  5. You are probably using it without realizing it. Most people who use Internet Explorer think that they are just doing what is necessary to get to the internet. They don’t realize that there are a bunch of different ways to reach the internet, and that that big blue E is just the one that is put standard on their machines. This would be like if you moved into a house and they told you that you had to get one cable company, this was the only way to watch TV, and the fact that only a few stations were available and there were constant outages in your services was just the price you have to pay — do you not want to watch TV, then? And then you go over to somebody else’s house, and they have satellite, or they have cable TV on demand, and there’s a whole other world out there that you’ve never even heard of. Do you want to be one of those people?

Comments (4)

  1. Sep 28, 2009

    My friends at my old company visit my site through IE. Specifically, they use IE 6.0, which is the worst IE ever. The IT department won’t let them download any upgrades or alternative browsers.

    Most of my friends have received their layoff notices, though, so I guess this won’t be a problem too much longer. They’ll all be unemployed in the next two months.

  2. Sep 28, 2009

    Well, that’s an upbeat thought. They’ll finally be free from internet explorer, but only because they’ve lost their jobs. Any company with an IT department that trusts in internet explorer is doomed to fail, though.

  3. We recently switched to Firefox for the reasons you listed (along with some others) at our house & so glad we did. If only IE was more user friendly & didn’t jack up websites in its browser format.

    And I’m really liking the direction of your site redesign, looking good.

  4. Sep 28, 2009

    Been a Firefox user for a number of years now. Absolutely prefer it over the required IE6 at work. Besides a Windows XP laptop at home, I also run an Ubuntu (linux) machine with Firefox, and it was cutting off the edges of your new header and footer last week. When I fire it up next, I’ll let you know if that’s still a problem. My guess is that the Ubuntu/Firefox combination is not a very common one for your readers though.

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