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Canon PowerShot G10 Camera

Canon PowerShot G10 Camera

This is my new stealth camera. I photo and uploaded it without any photoshopping so you can see how well it works. Notice the zits in the upper right-hand corner. That is some serious HD detailing, there.

If you’ve been enjoying the pictures on the site lately, then you are probably looking at photographs I did not take. But if you have seen some changes in quality in the ones that I did take, it might just be because of my new camera, the Canon PowerShot G10. This is a high-functioning camera that allows you to do things that you used to only be able to do with a larger camera (e.g. take photographs in RAW format, adjust for aperture and change the shutter speed, turn flash on and off, zoom with digital enhancement, etc.), but it is as small as a regular pocket camera that you would take on a family vacation.

For me, this camera is perfect because I am always wanting to take pictures of things that I’m not really supposed to be taking pictures of for this blog, and this will fit into my backpack or pocket for easy concealment. Also, because of how much technology has advanced (in photography alone) in recent years, my Canon PowerShot actually takes (on average) higher-quality pictures than the much larger, much more expensive, high-tech cameras that Mr. Right-Click purchased a few years ago. True, there are still a few things for which the PowerShot is not as good to use as is a bigger camera — situations where there is limited light, or when you need to take many pictures in quick succession (like at a sporting event or if you’re a celebrity photographer), but for the average picture situation, the PowerShot is surprisingly good. You can also use it to shoot video, and since Canon is about to come out with a G11 version, you can sometimes find it at a discount as retailers are trying to clear it out to make room for the new model.

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