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Everyday Ballet Flat By J.Jill

Everyday Ballet Flat By J.Jill

Everyday ballet flat by (cough) J.Jill.

Everyday ballet flat by (cough) J.Jill.

I’m including these new shoes I bought both because I love them and because I want you guys to know that I regularly fall prey to the I-just-saw-this-on-a-blog-and-now-I-must-buy-it syndrome. Not only did Audrey get me to buy something, she got me to buy it from J.Jill, something about which I have serious reservations, But at least it’s not Coldwater Creek, because if I start buying stuff from there, then stick a fork in me, because I’m officially done.

Anyway, these ballet flats are the first I’ve seen recently that are just plain old ballet flats, perfect for wearing with everything, that don’t come with some kind of appliqued flower or other garish hood ornament type thing. They come in four different colors — obviously, I got black, but now I’m thinking I need the brown ones too. They rule.

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  1. Sep 16, 2009

    Oh dear – J.Jill is right up there with Coldwater Creek. If we see you sporting long cotton tube dresses with enormous flowers then I will call an intervention.

  2. anna
    Sep 16, 2009

    I know! I KNOW. But I maintain that these shoes are so cute.

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