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5 Reasons You Should Not Buy This Washer, Either

5 Reasons You Should Not Buy This Washer, Either


OK, nobody is going to believe me about this, but I swear I was planning on writing this post LONG BEFORE last week’s Maytag Incident. And besides, this isn’t about a Maytag washer, it’s about an LG Washer, which is made in Korea, not America. Or not wherever the American parent company that owns Maytag manufactures its appliances. Because I kind of doubt it’s in American anyway. But still, let’s all dump on non-American owned companies this week! Yay! I should say that this washer is functional, and works OK, and has some good points to it. But overall, I have to recommend not to buy it because at its price point and given what it’s supposed to do, it’s a disappointment. So if you are thinking about buying the LG Tromm Steamwasher and are wondering if it’s worth it, my answer is, sadly, no. Here’s why:

  1. Moldy smell. The front-loading part of it brings along with it the unfortunate side effect of a moldy smell that has to be controlled by using copious amounts of Smelly Washer product. Now, I like Smelly Washer–it’s a lifesaver, in fact–but to be honest I’d just much rather not ever have to use the damn stuff in the first place. And I have to use it all the damn time with this washer. I have heard that if you leave the door open you can avoid some of this problem, but I don’t want to leave the door open. I want my towels not to stink after being washed. Is this so much to ask?
  2. Unexplained water back-up in the detergent compartment. We have had this washer for just over a year, and though it still works, it also has water pooling in the detergent compartment after every wash. This does not have an effect upon the washer’s ability to get clothes clean from what I can tell. But it is annoying. And I feel like it shouldn’t happen. In a fairly new washer, that is.
  3. Cannot open the washer after you start it. This is true of every front-loader. And it sucks. I wish we could open it up to throw in that spare sock you forget every time you start a load. That is all.
  4. Wash cycle is extra long. Now, there are a bunch of different settings, and some are shorter, but if you do the regular steam wash, it lasts about an hour and ten minutes. Which is a freaking long time to wait for your wash. And I often forget about the clothes after that long, which leads to more moldy smell (see #1). If you put it on a shorter setting, it won’t last as long, but it also won’t get as clean.
  5. Clothes come out too wet. This is something that I probably need to call a repairperson about, but like I said, we haven’t had this washer very long. This stuff shouldn’t be happening–why are clothes coming out extra wet after regular cycles? Why? Why, LG? Because when that happens, Life is not Good.

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  1. Aug 31, 2009

    Okay, first, I wondered about the moldy smell, because I have a front-load washer too, and we never get that. We do leave the door open when we’re not using it…but even when I leave a load in for a couple of days with the door closed, we never have that problem. Our spin cycle gets stuff halfway to dry though, so maybe that’s why.

    Second, and hour and ten minutes? That’s insane. That’s got to be the least energy efficient washer ever…because you’re paying for the electricity to run that thing for that long. Our normal cycle is 45 minutes.

    One thing people don’t know: in some areas, Sears has appliance outlets (we call them “scratch-and-dent” stores around here). You can save a TON of money on appliances that literally just have a scratch or a dent, often in a place you won’t ever see it anyway. We have bought a stove, two refrigerators, and two washers and dryers at our local store, and we’ve never had a problem with any of them. The discount was anywhere from 20-43%, so we were able to get much nicer appliances than we otherwise would have bought.

  2. Aug 31, 2009

    Anna, I have that exact washer. I am just meh about it. One of the first posts of yours I ever read was the Smelly Washer product. I bought it immediately and it really works, as you said. We shouldn’t have to buy a product to make a washer not stink. Water backs up in my detergent compartment too. I am a big opener of the washer after it starts. It’s like a compulsion. I always find something else that should go in a load and if you don’t open it within a certain number of minutes, forget it. Locked. If I find I need to add something I get panicky and run to the washer. This is not how I want to live my life. One of my cycles is almost 2 hours. Dude. I don’t have #5. That’s a problem. I spend way too much time thinking about all of these things.

  3. Aug 31, 2009

    It doesn’t have a pause button?

    I thought they all had that.

  4. anna
    Aug 31, 2009

    It has a pause button, but it doesn’t allow you to open it (I don’t think, anyway). The only way would be to completely cancel it and start over.

    @Laurin, exactly . . . I was so busy being delighted about the fact that I found something that fixed my stinky laundry problem that I didn’t focus on the fact that–hey, why do I even have to buy this crap in the first place with a relatively new washer?

  5. Aug 31, 2009

    Wait—why would you pause it if you weren’t going to put something in? I mean, unless you’re Betty Draper and you’re pausing it so you can climb up on it during the spin cycle and think about the door-to-door salesman who just left.

    My pause feature stops the water and unlocks the door, so you can throw a sock in or whatever. I mean, that’s what I use it for. But maybe I’m supposed to be doing it like Betty Draper.

    I am enjoying a strange sense of superiority that comes from knowing that I apparently have a better washing machine than you AND Dooce. Neener neener.

  6. anna
    Aug 31, 2009

    Yeah, you would think that, wouldn’t you . . . what the hell point is a pause button if not to pause the cycle and open the door. Well, it pauses it, but it doesn’t open it. I remember thinking the same thing–what the hell point is this? Unless I’m doing it wrong. This is what I get for buying something that says “Life’s good” as its tagline. Why am I so stupid sometimes?

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