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Holy Pink Pagoda! Nail Enamel by OPI

Holy Pink Pagoda! Nail Enamel by OPI

If I renamed this color it would be, "The Color of Barbie's Car"

Is it pronounced Oh-pee or Oh-Pee-Aye? I dunno. What I do know is that I stepped out on my almost nearly quasi exclusive relationship with Hoodoo Voodoo today (I’ve also had affairs with Kennebunk-port and Belize It Or Not during the winter months, you see) and tried this kind of almost too fancy pink-with-gold-highlights color called Holy Pink Pagoda! Now, I don’t know if you can say that I enjoy stepping out of my nail color comfort zone like this, but I do like the effects. Kinda fancy schmancy, kinda crazy. I was feeling a little wild. What can I say? It’s late summer.

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  1. Aug 27, 2009

    I went through a Belize It Or Not phase. Now I’m mildly obsessed with Dolce De Leche and Grand Central Carnation.

    In a couple of weeks it’ll be time for the fall colors. I’m eyeing Chocolate Shakes-peare.

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