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Swiftly Tech Silver-Threaded Running Shirt by lululemon:Run

Swiftly Tech Silver-Threaded Running Shirt by lululemon:Run

The Swiftly Tech shirt by lululemon. Click on picture to view on lululemon website.

The Swiftly Tech shirt by lululemon. Click on picture to view on lululemon website.

I have this shirt in three different colors because I like it so much. I have a policy: for every month that you are exercising regularly, buy yourself a nice piece of workout gear as a reward and to encourage yourself to keep going. As a result, I have done my part to keep lululemon in business this past year.

I have tried to get into the whole tank-tops-while-working-out trend, but I just cannot do it. I look terrible in tank tops, what with my butt-white lack-of-a-tan, and at least these tops hide the hello-betty!s of my upper arms a little better than a full-on tank. A while back I mentioned the Velocity Sock by lululemon, which has silver incorporated into its stitching to fight stinky-sock syndrome; these do the same thing for your shirts, which you think isn’t important, but once you’ve had the experience of catching a whiff of yourself in the middle of spinning class, when you thought you were wearing a clean shirt, you might disagree. These shirts get sweaty but not stinky, and wick the sweat away from your skin. Plus, they look cool. I favor buying it two sizes up so that it works more like a tunic than a regular shirt:

Please ignore all of the poor housekeeping depicted herein.

Please ignore all of the poor housekeeping depicted herein.

This will also come in handy if I manage to get pregnant sometime soon (knock on wood) and want to keep wearing these. And working out. Which? Yeah. Maybe I’m being overly optimistic here.

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  1. Aug 25, 2009

    If you keep working out while pregnant, I might have to stop reading you. I can stand the good hair and teeth, but those women at the gym who are hugely pregnant and still working out much harder than me are just annoying.

    On the flip side, you do get some redeeming points for having housekeeping that resembles my own (or would if you added in a bunch of crap from my trip to Costco last week that still isn’t put away, and a big Malt-O-Meal smudge from when the youngest escaped the breakfast table before I could catch him this morning, and a few used Kleenexes because allergies are kicking my ass, and maybe one more can of Diet Coke. I’m at three cans, and it’s only 9:30am.

    I have a couple of tops like that, but they’re from Kohl’s. I’ve never gone to thegym for more than three weeks in a row, though, so I’ve never earned myself an expensive outfit.

  2. anna
    Aug 25, 2009


    I wrote this post a while back and scheduled it, little did I know what significance the smudges might one day bear! I thought I was just failing to clean the mirror regularly. Silly me.

    I have heard a theory bandied about that if you have severe morning sickness and still force yourself to go to the gym, you can kind of smack yourself out of it temporarily, while you’re working out, because of the endorphins. I did not try it last time, but if I get pregnant I’m going to try it this time because ANYTHING has to be better than sitting on the floor of the shower, weeping. Which I did for three months last time.

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