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Morroccan Oil

Morroccan Oil

This is the oil I went out and bought instead of waiting two days to get more from Amazon.

This is the oil I went out and bought instead of waiting two days to get more from Amazon.

Like I told you yesterday, the marvelous product that Elizabeth turned me onto at BlogHer2009 was so awesome that I couldn’t wait a few days for the Amazon package to get here. So when the sample packet was all gone, I went out and bought a different brand of argan oil called Moroccan Oil to use in the meantime.

From what I can tell, this is the same thing as the Agadir brand, but it is in a slightly more upscale package and seems to be more readily available at salons. More people seem to know about it, and they have a more extensive product line. And it works exactly the same way: put some in after your shower, dry and style, and your hair will be smooth and silky as if by magic, no matter how craptastic it looked before. It costs about ten dollars more than the other brand, and I cannot say that I like the bottle: it looks pretty, but trying to get a small amount of oil out of an open-mouthed glass bottle is not the easiest of endeavors. Also, this is not particularly good packaging for transporting anywhere, since there is no way to close a twist-top bottle full of oil without risking some of it spilling. But these problems are easily overcome to thos of us willing to apply a little ingenuity:

It's like liquid gold, man!

It's like liquid gold, man!

. . . and the travel size:

Basically, Moroccan Oil is definitely worth buying, but only preferable to the Agadir brand because of proximity and availability. If you have access to Agadir, I would go with that brand simply because of price.

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  1. Aug 12, 2009

    I finally bought the littlest bottle I could find on Amazon, because you all were raving about it. I was sure that it was not going to work for me, because no hair product works for me. None. I have the worst hair ever. It is the exact same hair as my toddler.

    Then it came, and I tried it, and omigawd. It’s amazing. I will sell things on eBay to pay for it if I have to.

    I need to find one of those bottles to put it in, though, because the original bottle is a mess already. That’s a flawed design.

  2. anna
    Aug 12, 2009

    It might actually be the way they planned it–so you have to buy more all the time. But yeah, it works way better in those bottles. I got them at the container store for about $0.89.

  3. Aug 13, 2009

    Kerry and Anna, don’t you find you spend an inordinate amount of time petting your own hair? At my computer when I’m writing, at stop lights, in bed at night, beseeching the husband to “Feeeeel it!” My silky-shiny hair is now my superpower.

  4. anna
    Aug 13, 2009

    @Eliz, oh yeah! I spend a lot more time touching my hair now. My husband keeps trying to steal my Moroccan Oil conditioner, even though his hair is like a half-inch long. I’ve created a monster.

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