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Attack Of The Reusable Bags

Attack Of The Reusable Bags

These are just a few of the reusable bags I've received lately without asking for them.

These are just a few of the reusable bags I've received lately without asking for them.

Have you noticed that all of a sudden there are like eighty five million reusable bags everywhere? I know I just got back from a conference, so this is making me think that there are more than there probably are, but at three different stores I was given a reusable bag in which to carry my merchandise. At first I was annoyed, mainly because when they give me a bag that is clearly designed for being reused, I feel like they have expectations of me. I feel like I cannot just throw the damn bag away, or use it to gather up bathroom trash or whatever. I feel like I’m supposed to do something, you know, worthwhile, with it. Because it’s clearly reusable. Then I thought, wait, that’s some smart marketing they’ve got gong there. Because yeah, giving out reusable bags with purchases is more expensive than just printing up bags on paper or plastic, but many people must feel this way when they get one of these bags, right? And if I’m a company that wants to advertise, this is pretty cheap advertising, if people reuse these bags in any way, it’s got to be preferrable to seeing your brand stacked up and being bombed by seagulls at the dump. So then I thought I’d brainstorm how we could use these bags, maybe encourage more companies to use them, because yeah they’re annoying, and they have expectations of me, and everything, but ultimately, yeah, I guess it’s better than having to take out more trash. So here’s what I got.

  1. Obvious: use for groceries. Oh how I have resisted this. I see that they sell these stupid reusable bags in places like Whole Foods and Trader Joes, which is like five times the stupid, because why don’t you just go to a store and get one of these reusable ones for free? Unless those other kind are better, I don’t know. Whatever. The ones that look like this:
    are particularly good for using at the grocery store, but you need like eighty million of them.


  2. Use smaller bags for shoes. The smaller bags are even more annoying when you get them, because you immediatey think, “Well, what the hell am I supposed to do with this?” I mean, they’re not even big enough to store your groceries in! But what they are good for is storing shoes. You can store shoes when you travel in these little bags to keep the rest of your clothes from getting dirty in your suitcase. You can also use them to store pairs of shoes that you don’t wear that often, to keep them from getting dusty:


    I have put some of my shoes in these bags, and packed up the rest of the smaller ones inside of my suitcase for the next time I’m traveling.

  3. Once you’ve used them a million times, then you can get really creative. At some point, it will be time to let go of your reusable bag. So what do you do if your a real bleeding heart, the earth-is-dying kind of person? Well, you can always make a throw pillow, or a set of coasters, or a carseat cover out of them, according to greenopolis.com. But I don’t know, I think if you use them even once or twice more after purchase, you’ve already lived up to the covenant of the reusable bag. Your Mileage May Vary, of course.

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  1. I don’t mind using the bags, if they actually have room to carry more than 2 things. I have no use for a bag that can’t fit anything into it, it’s a total waste. I just have a terrible time remembering to bring them with me, even when I leave them in the car I don’t remember until I’m already in the store that I have them.

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