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Monthly Archives: August 2009

17 Signs That Maybe We, As A Society, Have Reached Critical Mass With The Vampire Stuff

Teenagers are starting to refer to their virginity in terms of whether or not they’ve been “punctured” or not. The Count has asked for marquee billing alongside Elmo on Sesame Street Live. Robert Pattinson’s philosophical musings on anything, anything at all, are being recorded for posterity by the mass media. And then blogged. And then, […]

Velocity Sock by lululemon

[This review originally appeared on ABDPBT on July 22, 2009] Not only do these socks by lululemon come with “L” and “R” embroidered into them, they are very cushion-y and colorful. But the more exciting part is their inclusion of silver thread in the lining, which is a naturally antimicrobial substance and as such it […]