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Business Swag

Business Swag

My new bag for bidness from Mr. Right-Click.

My new bag for bidness from Mr. Right-Click.

How much does it matter that you look the part? I’m not certain that I’m a savvy businesswoman, but thanks to Mr. Right-Click, I’m going to look like I am. He recently bought me this briefcase so that I can carry my laptop to BlogHer in style. He also threw in this notebook, so I can write down important things.

I plan to take copious notes. Of something. This will help.

I plan to take copious notes. Of something. This will help.

BlogHer 09 is next week–you might have heard something about it, and though it is technically a business conference, it is a little different from other work-related conferences that I know of. When I was in academia, I went to many conferences, and when I was there I tended to wear nice clothes–a suit, even–if I was giving a paper. But if I was just going to sit in the audience, I would wear whatever I normally would wear to school. Which is to say, jeans and flip-flops.


I think the only issue with wearing casual clothing at BlogHer is going to be figuring out where the public and private divide is. When we talk to the sponsors at the conference, are they viewing us as colleagues, or consumers, or somewhere in between? If they are viewing us as consumers, then it is appropriate for us to wear casual clothes and for us to feel comfortable. But if we want to present ourselves as professionals–people who have some kind of media presence and the clout that goes along with having established a readership, then shouldn’t we be wearing business attire?

Don’t answer that. Because the fact is, I don’t want to wear business attire. I want to wear comfortable clothing. But I also want sponsors to not think of me as someone they should invite to get a free blowout (I got this from a PR person this week) so that I’ll write about it on my blog.

Wait. I just wrote about it on my blog, didn’t I? I guess I’ll just wear the flip flops then. But also bring the briefcase. I’m confused again.

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  1. weezy
    Jul 17, 2009

    I’ve got some ideas about that elusive fashion middle ground for this event, if you’re interested…..although it may be more fun for your readers to let it continue to confuse you.

  2. Jul 17, 2009

    Fess up, Weez!

  3. weezy
    Jul 17, 2009

    Go with comfy twill longish bermuda shorts in a dark color (chocolate or navy), flat gladiator sandals with the lonnnnng tongue (similar to the Target offerings) which will make your feet look longer and thinner, in a bronze tone; medium tone polish on the nails, a bit bronzy undertoned.

    Wear with a scoopneck/U-neck short sleeved tee or tank top that hits hipbone level in a medium-tone (turquoise, orchid), and a short-sleeved waist-length cream or pastel linen-look unlined jacket (or cardigan for wrinkle-free travel). Jewelry will be a couple of long metal-tone chains (H&M for ~$5 for instance) and possibly one big bangle, or a stack of skinny ones –either metal tone similar to chains or brightly painted. A pair of big sunglasses and you’re all set.

    Polished, comfy, flat shoe, easy style.

  4. weezy
    Jul 17, 2009

    Love that tote/briefcase, btw. Very yummy.

  5. Jul 17, 2009

    LOVE the bag. Did he pick that out all by himself? Because if so, dude has taste.

    Even business people don’t wear suits to conferences anymore, unless they’re speaking (and even then, if they’re under 40, probably not). I think if you wore a kind of business-casual-with-personality look, you’d be fine. Like, the sort of thing you’d wear if you worked at an ad agency, where you had to look professional but with some of your own personality mixed in.

    Also, you should know that the weather is completely screwed up around here for this time of year. Normally it’s miserably hot and humid. Right now in Milwaukee (90 miles north of Chicago) it’s 62 degrees. At lunchtime. In mid-July. I think it’s going to be a little closer to normal next week, but the whole summer has been like this.

  6. Jul 17, 2009

    @Kerry, yes he picked it out by himself. Pretty impressive!

    @weezy, thanks for the fashion advice. I actually have a lot of stuff like that. I need different shoes, though. I might go look this weekend. Also, could probably dress some stuff up with jewelry, though I’m not really a big jewelry kind of gal.

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