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Monthly Archives: July 2009

How We Deal With Suggestive Swag at the Right-Click Household

Me: “Hey, check out this weird lip gloss I got.” Mr. Right-Click: [examining it; looking dubious.] Me: “It’s so, you know, you can put it on your whole mouth all at once.” Mr. Right-Click: [Trying to apply it, looking vaguely uncomfortable.] Me: “What? You don’t like it?” Mr. Right-Click: I think that’s supposed to be […]

Missives From The Lost Weekend, Boys Without BlogHer 2009

Day One: “Mommy? Who is this ‘Mommy’ person of whom you speak?” Day Two: “Mommy Car Choo? Mommy Car Choo.” Day Three: Mini Wants His Mommy To: anna@abdpbt.com From: Mr. Right-Click Subject: Mini wants his mommy Hon, Mini has done pretty well with you being gone. He asks for you and I explain you went […]

Give a Blogger Enough Velvet Rope And She Will Hang Herself: (Very) Extensive Notes on BlogHer 2009, Social Niceties, Social Media, and Branding The New Web Order

Are there cliques within the parenting community at BlogHer conferences? Is there an “in” crowd of mommy bloggers, or does blogging really allow us to finally break free from the social, geographical, political, racial, ethnic, and class boundaries that still alienate us in our daily, “in real” lives? Based upon my experience the past few […]

5 Travel Tips For Cheap And/Or Lazy People Who Insist On Having Everything Just So, Even When They’re Away From Home

I’m not a big traveler, myself. I’m rather set in my ways, you see, and prefer to have things the way I like them. I’ve found that when traveling, you have even less control over your environment, and this is a reality that terrifies me. Our trip last week reminded me how annoying it can […]