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What The Critics Are Saying . . .

What The Critics Are Saying . . .


“On Alligators, Both Real And Fake,” Mini Right-Click ®2009, ink on paper


Mini’s first effort at photography–a project born out of boredom whilst waiting for his lunch during his second trip to the zoo–is being called:

” . . . a tour de force.”–Newsday

” . . . as surreal as it is literally real.”–Cinemascope

” . . . a fearless journey into late capitalist amusement park branded post modernity.”–Lingua Franca

” . . . astonishingly similar to his second effort at photography.”–American Pragmatist


“My Second Effort At Photography,” Mini Right-Click ®2009, ink on paper


He never set out to be an artist, but sometimes you’re bored, Mommy’s distracted, and the DSLR is within reach of toddler hands. And you cannot question The Gift.


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  1. There’s no denying the kid’s got an eye for it, and based on what hangs in art museums around the world (or at least in here), his work could hang with those of the great masters.

  2. Jun 5, 2009

    Be very grateful for the digital age. When mine were flexing their artistic muscles, they did it with food coloring on a tile floor. Or scissors on an heirloom quilt.

    No “delete” button for those.

    The Mother´s last blog post..Mummies and Mommies–NefHxMotherhood

  3. Jun 5, 2009

    Those are actually better than some of mine.

    Last November when my sister visited, she let my 3-year-old play with her camera, and created a monster. I actually went this morning to Target to get her a kids camera, because she’s now obsessed with ours. I gave it to her an hour ago. She’s taking a picture of her toes as I type this. Before that she was taking pictures of my belly, which is, y’know, not helpful.

    This is her preschool graduation present (no, really). Next weekend we’re going up north for a few days, and I expect to go through many, many batteries.

    Kerry´s last blog post..Meet the Evil Donut Guy

  4. Jun 5, 2009

    When the viewer has to guess at the composition, you know you’ve made it as a modernist. How much for an autograph by little Ansel?

    The Lawyer Mom´s last blog post..A Wise Old Woman

  5. Jun 8, 2009

    now, that’s talent. I mean, I really FELT the alligators, you know?

    jenni´s last blog post..Uncontained Chaos

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