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Putting Your Blog Feed On Kindle

Putting Your Blog Feed On Kindle

[singlepic=45,240,240,,right]Amazon is now offering Kindle feeds for blogs. If you’d like to pay to read what shows up here for free (cough), then you can now read both the main ABDPBT Kindle Edition and the ABDPBT Personal Finance Kindle Edition, for $1.99 each (cough), per month. I don’t own a Kindle, and I’d rather use Google Reader anyway, but I suppose this might be something for people who do have a Kindle and who travel often. Or maybe a Kindle is just easier to curl up in bed with, when you want to catch up on the latest Dooce.

[singlepic=46,240,240,,left]If you are a blogger and want to set up a Kindle feed for your blog, go to this website and sign up for a Kindle publishing account (your regular Amazon account will not work for this). After that, you follow the (reasonably simple) instructions for uploading a screenshot and a banner, as well as paste in your blog’s feed url.

As a colleague who shall remain nameless pointed out to me, there’s no real verification of ownership for these blog feeds that are made into Kindle feeds. So you could, theoretically, sign up for somebody else’s feed . . . hmm. I wonder how many of P-Dub’s readers use Kindle . . .

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