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Monthly Archives: May 2009

It’s Expensive To Be Poor

[singlepic=54,560,560,,center]Photo by Stachelhaut A recent Washington Post article discusses the high cost of being poor and provides some quasi-documentation for the general truism that, while the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. None of the hardships of the poor cited by the article are earth-shattering news to people who have done their time below […]

The Physical Class System of Lakers Games

[singlepic=53,750,750,,center]At Staples Center, the masses descend from their nosebleed seats after a triumphant Laker victory. We went to a Lakers game tonight–a playoff game, and a big one at that, since the odd games are always the most important in a series (according to Mr. Right-Click). Whomever wins the odd games usually wins the series, […]

14 Crazy Alternative Uses For Coffee

[singlepic=51,560,560,,center]Photo by emolawn For this week’s Monday list post, I’ve once again culled the interwebs to collect crazy repurposing tips for common household products. Somebody, somewhere, must like these tip lists as much as I do–I know it, because there’s a bazillion of them everywhere. Now, I should note that I’ve not used most of […]

18 Tweets You Might See, If Charles Dickens Used Twitter

Right. This is bollocks. I get paid by the word, do you see? Do you see my objection? How am I to introduce 42 characters w/ peculiar names, dead-end plots, obscure origins, and mysterious benefactors, in less than 140 charact Yarg. QED. #twitterfail gal loses pregnancy, decides to wear maternity clothes 4evr, w8 4 baby […]

Tanya: Night Train (II)

Drunk, again and still, you were sitting in the papasan chair that always tipped over, about to hear about the three weeks Tanya had spent in the psych ward of the University’s medical center. The chair was the same one you had stuffed into the back of your mother’s old blue Volvo 240SL and driven […]