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50 Ideas For Websites I Had This Morning

50 Ideas For Websites I Had This Morning

  1. Cute Things Sneezing
  2. Cute Things Crying
  3. When Cute Things Attack
  4. I Can Haz Cute Thing?
  5. Cute Things In The Midst Of Existential Dilemmas
  6. Cute Things That Really Aren’t All That Cute
  7. Octomommyblog
  8. I Can Haz Hate Octomommyblog?
  9. Confessions of a WASPy, Old-Money Bostonian
  10. The Old-Money Bostonian’s Housekeeper Cooks!
  11. The Old-Money Bostonian: Portraiture
  12. The Old-Money Bostonian: Summer Home & Gardeners
  13. The Old-Money Bostonian: Boardingschooling
  14. Daily Style with the Octomom
  15. Daily Octuplet
  16. Daily Photo with the Octomom
  17. I Can Haz Crumpet?
  18. I Can Haz Samosa?
  19. I Can Haz Borscht?
  20. The Dennis Rodman Self-Help Blog
  21. Sandwich Wrecks
  22. aDam wEst blog
  23. corNELL West blog
  24. ProTwitterer
  25. CopyTwitterer
  26. Twittering 101
  27. TwitterCoach
  28. Daily Twitter Tips oops already exists
  29. Cute Things Mocking You
  30. Cute Things Misleading You
  31. Cute Things Getting On Your Nerves
  32. I Can Haz Bangers ‘n’ Mash?
  33. Apartment Cognitive Therapy
  34. Apartment 12-Stepping
  35. Apartment Relapse
  36. Apartment Voluntary Self-Hospitalization
  37. Apartment 24-Hour Hold
  38. Gradegrub.org
  39. Gradeinflater.org
  40. GentlemansD.org
  41. PassiveAggressiveTotes.com
  42. Cute Things In My Sippy Cup
  43. Cute Things Rotting Your Brain
  44. Mighty Cute Things
  45. The Celebrity Cute Thing
  46. Cute Thing Rehab
  47. Cute Thing Hacker
  48. I Can Haz Flauta?
  49. I Can Haz 15 Minutes of Fame?
  50. Cute Things Blogging

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Comments (12)

  1. How about I Can Haz CheeseWhiz? Or I Can Haz A World Without Haz?

  2. Apr 20, 2009

    everytime i hear “octomom” i think of a woman with eight octopus tentacles and then I remind myself that some woman just had eight babies and probably eight tentacles wouldn’t be so bad if I had eight children.

  3. Apr 20, 2009

    I love them all and think you can make gobs of old-money off any of them!

    May I add ICanHazCutePuppyWhoShitzOnMyNewCarpet?.com

    Peggy´s last blog post..It’s 420 People!

  4. AKD
    Apr 20, 2009

    I will give you my idea: StuffOldPeopleLike.com

    My friend and I were really going to start this blog, we had so many ideas, but also we were so lazy.

  5. Apr 20, 2009

    What about StuffLazyPeopleLike? You won’t have to post very often, because lazy people won’t visit very often, anyway…

    Drama Queen Jenner´s last blog post..60 Years of Cousins

  6. Apr 20, 2009

    All of them have already been done.

  7. Apr 20, 2009

    My list is up, and technically it’s still Monday, although I’m in a little under the wire (except that you’re two hours behind me, so it’s probably still daylight there, so never mind).

    The Octomom reminds me of the Octodog, which is a thing that makes your hot dog into a little octopus. I learned about it on Twitter, from someone who made her own octopus hot dog with a knife instead of a gadget, because she’s smarter than me. I tried that and it was, like, hard, so I ordered the Octodog. For $16. Plus $7 shipping. Because I’m a sucker. And the weenies haven’t sent me the damn thing yet and it’s been a week and a half. And I’m a vegetarian anyway, so I don’t even like hot dogs. And I don’t even know if it will work on soy dogs, because they’re kind of skinny.

    I wonder if I could use it on lime popsicles.

    Kerry´s last blog post..3 Things to Do Before Your Job Interview

  8. Apr 20, 2009

    I have a list up, with 14 minutes to spare. But as Kerry said, in your time zone it’s still solidly Monday. I didn’t finish my blog post earlier because I spent the day procrastinating by running errands instead of being home finishing today’s tasks, including packing for a trip to Utah, where I will case neighborhoods I suspect a certain supermegablogger lives in.

    Your list is awesome. I actually think I’ve seen #24-27. Or maybe they’ve actually been launched since you posted this. I can’t stop thinking of permutations. I Can Haz Apartment Wrecks Overload Twitips.

    Kerry, can we see this octodog contraption? I know it doesn’t really fit within the theme of your blog, but perhaps you can write a post about what former HR execs do in their spare time and then it would be totally fitting.

  9. Apr 20, 2009

    You guys are all linked up, Heroes hasn’t even started here. The night is young.

    Maybe we should pool our money and buy all of these domain names? I really like StuffOldPeopleLike. I think we can do StuffToddlersLike and StuffSuburbanitesLike, too.

  10. Apr 20, 2009

    I would love to edit StuffSuburbanitesLike. I’ve completely drunk the suburban Kool Aid. All my husband and I do is laugh over what a couple of suburban idiots we’ve become.

  11. Apr 21, 2009

    The Octodog is here: http://octodog.net/

    I can’t write about it on my own blog, because I stupidly started a blog on a fairly serious topic, and now serious people are reading it and offering me stuff. So now I kinda have to follow the dress code, which is ironic, because it says right in my “about” page that I sold all my suits and stuff. My next blog is definitely going to be “Stuff I Like to Talk About and Bite Me If You Don’t Like It,” and the first post will probably address that scene in last week’s Real Housewives of NY where Kelly is going for a run IN TRAFFIC, because seriously, WTF was that?

    In the meantime, I shamelessly mooch off Anna and her comment section, especially on Mondays when she’s too busy to get fed up and install that WordPress plugin that prevents pain-in-the-ass people from commenting.

    Kerry´s last blog post..3 Things to Do Before Your Job Interview

  12. Apr 21, 2009

    Listen, Cute Things Getting On Your Nerves could be comprised entirely of snapshots of my living room crammed with Little People, Melissa & Doug and empty cardboard toilet paper rolls. But I would pay money to see the Cute Things Mocking You website.

    Sabine Hikel´s last blog post..The political origins of Mother’s Day

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