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Monthly Archives: April 2009

529 Accounts and The Volatile Market: Reader Question

[singlepic=50,750,750,,center]Photo by CFSparta Hi Anna, I love your financial advice/information, so I came up with a question for you–and no surprise, it’s baby related! If you feel so inclined to share your wisdom… We’re starting to look into the idea of a 529 [education savings account] for the little one–something I believe you’ve got Mini […]

Be Nice

[singlepic=556,560,560,,center] Though she had never been into dolls, in most ways, Charlotte Sometimes could pass for an ordinary girl of six. She did not like them–not baby dolls, not princess dolls, not even the politically incorrect Barbie, or her dowdy friend, Skipper–not the dolls that ate and peed, sat and cried, smiled and cooed. It […]

A Visual Explanation of TARP

[Ed. note: Mr. Right Click sent this to me today, I thought it was funny.] To help taxpayers across America understand T.A.R.P. (Troubled Assets Relief Program), see below for a simple, explanatory, visual depiction: [singlepic=23,560,560,,center] [singlepic=24,560,560,,center] [singlepic=25,560,560,,center] [singlepic=26,560,560,,center] [singlepic=27,560,560,,center] [singlepic=28,560,560,,center] [singlepic=29,560,560,,center] [singlepic=30,560,560,,center] [singlepic=31,560,560,,center]

8 Lesser-Known Heroes And Their Poorly Publicized, Second-Rate Superpowers

[Ed. Note: Thanks to Mr. Right-Click for helping me with both the conceptualization and realization of this list.] The Recycler. Give him an empty aluminum can, and he gives you a check for 1/10th of a cent, redeemable at your local grocery store or check-cashing establishment. Yes: just like that. Sentence Fragment. Mostly a loner […]

Bank Failures Abound

From the FDIC: FDIC Approves the Payout of the Insured Deposits of First Bank of Beverly Hills, Calabasas, California. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) approved the payout of the insured deposits of First Bank of Beverly Hills, Calabasas, California. The bank was closed today by the California Department of Financial Institutions, which appointed the […]

Elements of a Successful Thomas The Tank Engine Themed Birthday Party

[Ed. note: Please make sure to follow the links to see my copious notes on all of the how-tos of this gala extravaganza!] A toddler as the guest of honor. Preferably, a two-year-old. Forecast for beastly 90 degree heat that ends up being the hottest April 19th in Los Angeles history at over 100 degrees.[singlepic=550,560,560,,center] […]