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Monthly Archives: March 2009

À Bientôt, J’éspère, Dennis Rodman

[singlepic=528,560,560,,center] Ahh, the multilayered, nuanced, colorfully dressed and sneaky trainwreck that is Dennis Rodman. Now that he has been kicked off The Celebrity Apprentice, I’m not sure what I’ll miss most: him, his rhinestones, the Ed Hardy t-shirts, or the vodka/cranberry juice drinking. This week, as the Project Manager, Rodman lead the men’s team into […]

20 People Not Likely To Have Been Members of the Skull & Bones Society

Dennis Rodman (robes too short; also, rhinestones?) Matt Damon (went to Harvard) Barack Obama (orphan; went to Harvard Law) Sean Penn (preachy; also: blowhard) Lindsay Lohan (doesn’t drink enough; also: cannot read) Octomom (girl; also: too many potential legacies) That guy who played Pacey on Dawson’s Creek (Did that movie The Skulls; also: kind of […]

5 Banking Hacks That You May Or May Not Already Know About, That Your Bank May Or May Not Offer

By now, you’re probably aware that banks offer tons of different services and features, based on the type of account and how badly they want to retain your business. You probably know about most of the more popular services available, but I’m hoping to be able to expose some less publicized features today. Please note […]

Not So Cute: Kelly From The Real Housewives of New York City

[singlepic=527,320,240,,right]Do you watch The Real Houswives of New York City? I do. Oh yes. And this season is so much better than last season, since we actually get to see more of the Countess being a snobby bitch, and Ramona is starting to seem like one of the more reasonable members of the clan, despite […]

Man Time: No Girls Allowed

[singlepic=287,560,560,,center] “We’re going to watch ball and eat ribs, dude.” Mr. Right-Click made this announcement to Mini last Sunday evening, as I was getting ready to go to spin class. This is probably the first of what will be countless times where I leave them with the thought that what they are having in my […]

8 Things I Still Waste Money On (Upon Which I Still Waste Money? Who Cares?)

I haven’t really been on my personal financial game of late. Oh sure, we’re still using our household budget, and I’ve even been cooking dinner with my new menu plan that I totally ripped off from Simple Mom (nope, not ready to link her yet, still in denial). But there’s a little leeway in our […]

Via The Consumerist: Fill Out Your 2009 Worst Company In America Brackets!

From Consumerist: Your nominations are in and the teams have been seeded, all that’s left to do is vote! Without further ado, the Official WCIA Committee would like to present… The 2009 Worst Company In America bracket! The companies were nominated by you, the readers, and we did our best to seed them according to […]