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3 Blogs About Money and Consumerism That You Should Be Reading

3 Blogs About Money and Consumerism That You Should Be Reading

Sometimes staying on track financially is tough, particularly if you feel like you’re not surrounded by a bunch of likeminded people. This is where the internet comes in: the blogosphere is filled with tons of people who know lots of stuff about personal finance, budgeting, consumer activisim, and other subjects and who share the wealth of their knowledge each day. Here’s a list of my favorite financial/consumer blogs for your perusal.

  1. The Consumerist. OK, not only is this a great source for all around consumer information and financial news, it is also one of the best written blogs out there. Ben Popken, who writes most (if not all) of the posts, is hilarious and irreverent, and I’d probably read anything he wrote. It’s one of the few blogs that updates several times a day that I almost always read in full.
  2. The Simple Dollar. I am a relatively new reader to The Simple Dollar, but I’ve enjoyed the straightforward, sane approach to frugality that Trent espouses, and his weekly summaries/reviews of key financial books are extremely thorough and helpful. My husband is particularly happy I’ve been reading The Simple Dollar of late–even if he doesn’t know why–I got a bunch of crock pot recipes from him and have actually been cooking him dinner of late!
  3. Bankers Ball. Although this one does have some bona fide insider news stories, I enjoy this Bankers Ball mostly for fun. Ostensibly written by investment bankers, it provides amusing look into the world of high finance where people are as worried that their employers will go out of business as they are that they didn’t get their usual six-figure bonuses this year. (Boo fricken hoo.)

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