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ABDPBT Personal Finance Debt Snowflaking Pageant: Week Three Progress Report

ABDPBT Personal Finance Debt Snowflaking Pageant: Week Three Progress Report

snowbutton.jpgWell, kids, I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is . . . the snowflaking pageant now has its very own promotional button. Finally. Behold and enjoy. This promotional button has been over three weeks in the making, and I think the quality shows, particularly if you cannot tell that I totally ripped it off from a Skip*Hop ad. Oops, I meant to say that the similarities between this promotional button and a Skip*Hop ad are purely coincidental. OK, so the bad news is that I had some setbacks this week with the debt snowflaking, and I will document them here so that you all can see that I will keep soldiering on, even in the face of adversity, in the pursuit of my snowflaking goals.

The first setback was a sale I made on eBay last week, where I mistakenly told an international buyer that I could ship to her. After she won the auction, I went to the post office to mail her a pair of baby shoes and the cost was, get this, $92. For a pair of baby shoes. So yeah, I didn’t send those shoes, and had to refund the buyer her money. Fortunately, she was very nice about the whole thing. But of course, now I have to relist the shoes, and I have not gotten around to this, or to listing all of the other items that I so smugly announced I’d be throwing into the snowflaking bin last week. So, in short, Week Three was a total bust. No new money, no new items listed, and the refund of some of the money I made in Week 2.

But, my friends, life is long. This week, I will be relisting the shoes I already sold once. I will also add another pair of shoes. And those are my small goals for snowflaking in the next seven days. What are yours?

Want to join the ABDPBT Personal Finance Debt Snowflaking Pageant? Here’s what to do:

  1. Start snowflaking and write up a summary on your blog.
  2. Copy this code, and paste in the text of your post:
  3. Either comment or email me at anna at abdpbt dot com to let me know you’re participating, and I’ll link you up below.

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