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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Peekaboo Barn App(lication) for iPhone

[singlepic=510,560,560,,center] I found out about Peekaboo Barn from Ohdeedoh (Apartment Therapy’s baby and kids blog). Basically, it serves as an extra tool in my distracting-Mini kit–at a restaurant before the food comes, or waiting in line at the grocery store, for example. Peekaboo Barn is an App (gah–I hate that) for the iPhone that does […]

ABDPBT Personal Finance Debt Snowflaking Pageant: Week 5 1/2 Progress Report

It’s been a slow week and a half here at the Right-Click household when it comes to debt snowflaking. After the astonishing success of the extra payments of 10 days ago, my little snowflakes seem so paltry and insignificant. But, isn’t it the spirit of the grand ABPDBT Personal Finance Debt Snowflaking Pageant that no […]

Here’s What I Think We Should Do: Quit It With The Joaquin Phoenix Parodies Already

Maybe motherhood has made me soft. Maybe I’m just getting old, I don’t know. But I think it’s time to quit with the Joaquin Phoenix parodies, people. I’m not sure how to articulate why I think this is important: I just have a bad feeling about the whole situation. Now, don’t get me wrong, I […]

Depression Era Cooking: Turns Out, It’s Not As Depressing As I Thought

I don’t know if I mentioned here or elsewhere that I’ve been trying to cook more often lately. This is for a couple of reasons: one, to save money on all the multitudes of prepared and processed foods we buy at the grocery store; two, to make sure that Mr. Right-Click has something to eat […]

12 Partial Lyrics to Smiths’ And Morrissey Songs As Reimagined With 20/20 Cymbalta-Fueled Hindsight

[singlepic=240,560,330,,center] Girlfriend, I’m a liar–You know, I know, I’m not really “celibate” I wear aloha print on the outsideBecause aloha print is how I feel on the insideand if I seem a little festive,Well that’s because I am. (!) Driving in your car,I never never want to go homeBecause I cannot sleep on this new […]