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Neutrogena Light Sesame Body Oil

Neutrogena Light Sesame Body Oil

Sometimes time will pass and I will forget how much I love this stuff. Then I’ll get one of those rare opportunities to take a bath, and squirt a little of this heavenly-scented stuff into the water for an extra moisturizing treat. You can use this as a bath oil, or as an after bath or shower moisturizer, it’s just the thing for very dry winter skin, and did a lot for me after our trip back east, when I realized that indoor heating and “wind” and “cold’ and “snow” (those odd things) tend to do a number on my skin. But I would buy this stuff anyway, just for the smell. If you try it, make sure you get the fragranced type, since that is really what makes it so great, and please note that if you try it and like it, you can get big bottles of it at Costco for significantly less than other places like Rite Aid, CVS, or the grocery store. Happy soaking.

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  1. OK, I love this stuff so much that sometimes, when I’m standing in my bathroom, brushing my teeth or wondering what the hell I have to do to stop getting a zit when I’m frickin’ 41 years old, I’ll open the cabinet, pull out my bottle of this, and take a big whiff of it. That’s how devoted I am to it.

  2. Jan 25, 2009

    this is just what I need right now.

  3. Jan 25, 2009

    Really? Because I use Bobbi Brown’s Beach body oil. I love it, but it comes in a tiny bottle and it’s not cheap. I think I’ll be at Costco tomorrow.

    eliz´s last blog post..Except no one shouts, “Who are you wearing?” at C.

  4. Jan 25, 2009

    @eliz, I’ve never tried Bobbi Brown’s beach body oil–but I definitely recommend this stuff.

  5. Jan 25, 2009

    I like the Beach body oil because in addition to moisturizing, it’s got enough fragrance without being perfumelike. It has been so dry this winter that I need to be buying vats of Vaseline.

    eliz´s last blog post..Except no one shouts, “Who are you wearing?” at C. (Though I have been able to get his attention by yelling, “C’mon, don’t be an asshole!”)

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