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Patagonia Capilene “Baselayer” aka Long Underwear aka Infant/Toddler Pajamas

Patagonia Capilene “Baselayer” aka Long Underwear aka Infant/Toddler Pajamas


When we went back east for the holidays, we realized that Mini’s pajamas were not designed for colder weather. They did the job, but naturally we are always on the lookout for new pajamas for him–what is it about buying kids’ clothes that is just way more fun than buying clothes for yourself? I’m not sure but I think that the words “dressing room,” “ego sizing” and “full-length mirror” might have something to do with it. Anyway, we went into Patagonia to get him some mittens, because of course he didn’t have any, and came out with a pair of these Patagonia Capilene Pajamas–they may be intended as long underwear but in California we like to wear long underwear as regular clothing because what? Why would you need long underwear? Anyway, not only are they very warm despite being very thin, they are super cute and the onesie-like design of the top ensures that Mini’s baby belly doesn’t stick out in the middle of the night, as it is wont to do. Plus, I like buying from Patagonia, since the brand started in my hometown, and like all people from small towns (and Canadians) I like to cling to whatever proximity to greatness at which I can possibly grasp. Listen: don’t hate. Thinsulate.

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  1. Jan 24, 2009

    I love tops with lap shoulders on little people. I wish they made them for kids over the age of 2.
    There’s something about Patagonia sizing that I love, too. This is the *third* winter my 3.5 yo daughter has worn her 24-month-size “Patagucci” (as my outdoor-wear-addict father calls it) coat. Totally worth the investment.

  2. Jan 24, 2009

    thinsulate: great word

    i also love the word snark!

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