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Vlogging Is For Suckers. Suckers Like Me.

Vlogging Is For Suckers. Suckers Like Me.


Apparently, vlogging is so hot right now. Using video to reach your audience is supposed to be good because they can get to know “your personality.” Yeah. I heard this through my Google Reader, and at first I was like, “Nah, not for me,” because–first of all–my personality sucks. It behooves me to hide it in fancy writing [cough] whenever possible. Also, I know that I find You Tube embeds to be incredibly annoying myself. It seems like such a production to actually have to turn the sound up on the computer, and then watch the dumb video, which I pretty much never think is funny, or interesting, anyway. And then I feel like a tool, because I actually took the time to, well, I’ve already been over this. And then there’s this:

Vlogging Disaster from anna abdpbt on Vimeo.

OK, I know that was horrifying. But let’s try again anyway.

Second Take from anna abdpbt on Vimeo.

Secondary embarrassment? Check. One last take?

Product Review from anna abdpbt on Vimeo.

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  1. Hilarious! Your honesty is refreshing, your story compelling. Also, your tip is useful. I’m going to Walgreen’s tonight and demand wipe out the Wet & Wild display. I have to buy them all tonight before I start my financial peace class tomorrow.

  2. Jan 20, 2009

    You? Are adorable! Those were so cute! Also, I adore Mac Spice so I’m going to make the switch…thanks for the tip.

    The Stiletto Mom´s last blog post..Best. Job. Ever.

  3. Jan 20, 2009

    Okay, sorry to say I love it too! Keep it up. I’ve found that once you hear someone’s actual voice even a couple of times, later when you read what they write, their voice really comes through.

    How do you add video? I totally want to do that to my own blog. For awhile I was thinking of adding some type of voice-only podcast but never did figure out a (free) way to do it.

    Juliet´s last blog post..The Sundial

  4. Jan 20, 2009

    Duh – I figured it out. Did you put them on youtube then embed them from youtube?

    Juliet´s last blog post..The Sundial

  5. Jan 20, 2009

    @fadkog and @Stiletto Mom, thanks!
    @Juliet, yes, I just recorded them from my laptop, then uploaded to YouTube and embeded them here with the code they give you. I think you can also use Vimeo, I don’t know if that has better service somehow, because a lot of bloggers use it.

  6. Jan 20, 2009

    That was freakin’ hilarious.

    I look like that when I write too, but with Crocs and jammies that have giant cupcakes on them. So, actually, you are still more glamorous than me.

    I’m jealous of your built-in vanity.

  7. Jan 20, 2009

    @Kerry, I dunno, cupcakes are kind of fashionable these days.

  8. Jan 20, 2009

    Damn, no speakers on work ‘puter, will have to wait for home to hear you in your full glory!

    J.´s last blog post..Soundtrack To My Mother’s Death

  9. Jan 20, 2009

    YouTube is blocked on our work (school) server, so I have to wait until I get home to watch. Or more accurately, wait until I get home and then hope I remember to watch. Which I usually don’t, even if I mark “Keep New” in Bloglines. That’s my one and only reason why I’m not a big fan of embeded videos.

    For the record, Vimeo is not blocked. Anything that is too new or cool or cutting edge and therefore hasn’t been discovered yet by our tech guys is wide open. (For example, Facebook is blocked, but Twitter isn’t. Yet.)

    jen @ negative lane´s last blog post..Education: Change We Need

  10. Jan 20, 2009

    Damn. THAT’s why people use vimeo! I think I will switch these videos out.

  11. Jan 20, 2009

    OK, now we’re in vimeo.

  12. Jan 20, 2009

    Okay, when I saw this this morning, I was like, “I don’t need lipliner.” I’ve never worn lipliner, ever. But damn if I haven’t spent the whole day thinking about walking down to Walgreen’s to buy the devil lipliner you recommended. Who is to blame for this sudden need I have developed–you or the Devil?

    Also, I have a cold, and it’s 16 degrees and dropping, so if I DO walk down there, and I subsequently get pneumonia and die, it’s on your head (well, yours and the Wet ‘n’ Wild Devil’s).

    You were right about that BeneFit High Beam stuff though–it came yesterday, and it rocks.

    Kerry´s last blog post..The Best Career Advice I Ever Received

  13. Jan 20, 2009


    Are you listening, advertising and marketing companies?! I have unleashed the marketing power of The Devil and can deploy it at will.

  14. Jan 20, 2009

    Ooo, now I wanna vlog my comment. That would be cool, right? Cool tip on Vimeo, I’m going to check it out. Great vids, by the way 😉 .

    goodfather´s last blog post..Big day

  15. Jan 21, 2009

    @goodfather, go for it. No reason why we can’t have vlogging in the comment section.

  16. I’m pretty sure this is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. I like your vlogging, sucker.

    Jennifer, Playgroups are no place for children´s last blog post..All dressed up

  17. Jan 22, 2009

    Personally, I would like to see the process of how Anna of ABDPBT goes from bespectacled video one to eyeliner and lipliner-ed video two. I suspect there are some good beauty tips in there, although I DO have to say that you have great skin, with or without makeup.

    Alexandrialeigh´s last blog post..Non-native

  18. Crash commanda
    Jan 22, 2009

    That was quite hysterical. You look great in eyeliner, by the way, but I know it’s a pain to put on. The thing with lip-liner is you need to go light on it or you end up looking like you’re in an 80s mtv video.

  19. Jan 25, 2009

    HILARIOUS. I thought I needed some Seseame Oil but really I needed Anna Vlogging.

    jenni´s last blog post..It’s Hard

  20. Jan 25, 2009

    You are fucking awesome. And your content is absolutely value-added.

    deb on the rocks´s last blog post..Obam-chica-bow-wow: Let’s Get It On!

  21. Jan 31, 2009

    That was awesome. And for the record… your makeup is waaaay better then mine. Very cute. You should make a habit out of vlogging.

    OHmommy´s last blog post..Way cheaper than a Wii…

  22. Jan 31, 2009

    Lip Liner 666?! Why isn’t naming cosmetics my job? Seriously… I would love to put that on my resume… Creator of the Wet ‘N Wild Lip Liner Name “666.” Can you think of the places I could go? Love it!

    And… thinking you need to incorporate the vlogs a little more into your site. You’ve got the knack! Glad Alli from Blissfully Domestic FBed about this post. It’s my first time here and I love your sense of humor ;)!

    Jyl (Mom It Forward)´s last blog post..Mom It Forward’s Mother of All Giveaways!

  23. I was sent from Twitter-ville. Oh my, this truly made my day. I’m at work and it sux. I’ve been thinking about vlogging for like a month now. You’ve inspired me to share myself with the world….must od vlogg tomorrow after I drop 50 more pounds…

    Julie from Angry Julie Monday´s last blog post..Went Shopping This Week

  24. Jan 31, 2009

    I don’t use the right kinds of makeup, apparently. That will change right now.

    muskrat´s last blog post..friday confessional for january 30: fornicating with an ex’s wife

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